Lip Sync / Audio Delay Issue


No improvement, only while it is live too, works fine /w already recorded programs.


@Dulanic - Odd… I wonder why it’s more pronounced on your setup than others. Are you running all wired?


No I am not, but that shouldn’t be the issue since the playback is fine /w recorded items (from what I can tell /w my limited testing) just live and/or recording seem to have the issue. Once they are recorded it will playback fine.


I also have the problem with the audio unsyncing when using chrome on windows 10 64


I think I solved my own problem with this issue by changing the recording and streaming settings.

  1. You cannot record at a greater quality than you are receiving. Many broadcasts are only 720, so I left the recording quality at 720.
  2. Streaming quality is then up to you, but 1MB works best for me. That did not seem to matter as much, but it was more in the quality of recording.
    Anyway, I dont have the problem anymore, and it was bad before.


Spoke too soon… Now that the season has started again, same issue. :o(


Hi folks.

Terrible audio / video sync issues - only on live TV, within about 5 minutes usually. Playback is just fine, but live TV is unwatchable!

Tablo hardwired to router, playback on nVidia Shield TV (fast 5GHz wireless network, using official Tablo Android TV app).

Anyone else? Any solutions? Thanks!


@Trevor_Gingerich - What app is this on? We have some tweaks for this in beta now. We can give you access.


Hi there. I’m using the official Tablo Android TV app (on Nvidia Shield TV). From the play store. I’ll try out a beta if you’d like!


@Trevor_Gingerich - OK. I’ll see about getting you included in this. Stay tuned.


try edge. the interface works okay, but not perfectly. no lipsync issues. its a chrome issue.


I see lip sync issues with live TV (through Roku 4)


I am having problems with this on the Nexus player and on the PC app, Chrome browser, as well. Have a good number of artifacts, green flashes and other image problems as well. Don’t remember seeing this last week.

Hardwired, Tablo 2.2.8, HTML 1.0.27.


This looks like an old thread so I am not sure anyone will see this - I am new to this. I have the Fire TV “dongle” (not the stick but not the “box”). When I first got my Tablo, there were some audio sync issues. They eventually cleared up but now the issue is back. The issue is only on the Fire TV app. I have the Tablo app on my TV and there are no issues with audio, I also have a Roku 3 and have no audio issues there either. I will try clearing cache and maybe even deleting and reinstalling the app if I have to. It’s just annoying because I only seem to have issues with the app on the Fire TV. Any advice would be appreciated.


You don’t mention if you are using the non-preview or preview version of the app. If you are only using one of the two I would install the other just to see if it issue persists to help narrow it down.