Lip Sync / Audio Delay Issue

I’ve been moving between Windows Media Center and Tablo more often recently, and noticed that the audio seems off.  Took some time today to dig into it a bit more.

This happens with all recordings, the same recording on Media Center is perfectly in sync so it’s not a broadcast issue, tested on iPad, Airplay to AppleTV, and with Google Chrome on OSX Yosemite.  All dialogue appears to be delayed by a fraction of a second, the mouth starts moving before the audio comes through.

I’m using a Tablo 4-tuner, wonder if the audio sync is off in the transcoder firmware.


I’ve noticed an audio sync problem on the dual tuner as well. It’s not a huge discrepancy but def there.

@pnear @theuser86 We haven’t caught this during our testing, but we’ve heard of this once or twice now. We’ll be taking a closer look at it this week!

I have the same problem, audio is off from the picture by a fraction of a second.  I have the dual tuner.  Thanks.

Same here on my 4 Tuner model.  I am recording in SD.  The Video shows BEFORE the Audio by some fraction.

I see it on both the PC web app and on recordings that I’ve pulled off using “”

Did anyone resolve the audo delay issue? I’m having the same problem with a new 2 tuner Tablo. Thanks.

Same issue as well, but doesn’t happen on live tv. It just seems to happen on recordings.

@Jim_Swisher @gapa85 If you haven’t already, send a note to our support team. We’ve got a few thing we can do to check in on this.

I find the bitrate of the pulled files to be very high. But when I transcode them into something more manageable, all it ok. Again, for my tests anyhow, some tests worked for the original file (well, the original repackaged file). But for me it worked with just certain clients. If I took the original repackaged file straight to Plex for Direct Play to Roku, I’d get the lip sync problem. So… transcode and reduce the bitrate and then everything is fine (give it a shot!).

If there is really a lip sync problem make sure you’re trying to play files from the Tablo to a Tablo approved client. Otherwise there are too many variables.

well i did contact their support desk. i will post what comes out of that.

ive been using chrome on windows machines or safari on ios and have had the problem with the audio sync.

okay ive been in touch with support. they are sending me a new tablo.

i found that using microsoft edge browser or vlc player instead of chrome seemed to fix the issue as well

Hi gapa85,
Did a new Tablo fix the problem for you?
I’m having an almost identical problem to the one you described.
I’m still working with Tablo support on it.


No, a new tablo did not fix this issue.

I figured out that chrome was not using my gpu to play videos. It was using software to render the videos.

This was leading to high cpu usage, audio sync issues, and problems with low frame rate.

I found two flags to enable under chrome://flags that fixed this

I enabled:

Override software rendering list

Disable 3D software rasterizer

I’m noticing this issue again now that I’m watching more TV with the fall shows upon us, and while I haven’t done significant troubleshooting it is happening on the Roku app. It’s is definitely noticeable on show recorded on my local CBS affiliate which I believe broadcasts in 1080i. I’ve selected 720p as the recording format, and wonder if perhaps the format shift is part of the problem.

Anyone else still noticing this? It’s quite distracting.

My audio delay never got fixed. What I found was that it varied by TV station. The problem was worse on my Fire TV but better on a Roku 3. I still had one station that was bad on the Roku 3 (luckily not one I watch very often). So I’m living with the problem. Unfortunately the Roku 3 Tablo app seems to lock up intermittently during fast-forwarding of recorded shows. Can’t get a break. Tablo support couldn’t ever confirm my audio delay problem, so I gave up. I heard they have confirmed the Roku lock up issue and are at least working on that problem.

Same thing here. This issue happen mostly on one station and is seen using tablo under Android TV. Tablo support told me that the delay was coming from the broadcaster :wink: Funny thing, I have a hdhomerun connected to the same antenna and no issue there !

Hey folks -

Can you try again using vs. We think we have this issue addressed on beta.

Just noticed this for the first time today watching live tv on Chrome on PC. Still on 2.2.2 firmware. Was about a quarter second off by my estimation. I saw it on two different stations and flushing my 2-tuners seemed to help temporarily but it came back within a couple of minutes. Just connected my PC to ethernet from a wireless setup and was checking for a weird live tv pausing problem I have and found this instead. Wireless speeds were around 50 Mpbs and with the wired I’m in the 125 range. Tablo is on wireless. Will try the beta site now.

I noticed it yesterday on my roku 4 I think when I had max recording quality set. I think it went away when I used the 720 5 mbps setting. It might have been on my roku 3. Not sure. I switched a bunch of things around yesterday while trying out the roku 4 off and on. I’ll try to test more. My TV is old and 1080i, so at some point I was switching the output on my roku 4 from 1080P to 720P.

So far, so good on Not seeing the audio sync issue. Have checked a couple of channels. I’ll update after switching around a bit.

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