Lip Sync / Audio Delay Issue


Still working good this morning - on both the main and beta sites. I can’t reproduce the problem on either. I’ll let you guys know if I see it again. Thanks.


The web browser rarely ever showed a lip sync issue for me and even then it may have been when the PC was bogged down. Problem is I watch 90% of the time on a Roku or Fire TV, so I need a solution for one of those to work. Thanks.


Same here, Roku is my primary and still showing the lip sync issue.


It’s back on Chrome. I tried both the normal and beta tablotv sites and it was the same on both. After I had the issue originally, I switched the Tablo and PC to a wired connection (125 Mbps) and have been running on that for a few days now. I was also seeing lots of audio dropouts and pixelating on Chrome as well - AND only while watching football on FOX. My reception has been very good for several weeks so that was a surprise.


@pnear - Can you give us all of the specs of your setup? What Tablo firmware, what Roku hardware & firmware?

@Jim_Swisher - Ditto for you on FireTV.

@IllBeDarned - Are you still on the same setup for Chrome or have you changed firmware?


I’m am still on Tablo 2.2.2 (just waiting for the problems introduced with 2.2.6 to get cleared up) if that’s what you were referring to. I’ve been testing with the Chrome version since that was updated a couple of weeks ago and for the most part, have not seen any problems since I first reported the issue then. Today, it seems fine again. I’m starting to wonder if my PC might have been doing something in the background during these audio sync issues that could cause a slower response in Chrome.


@IllBeDarned - So you’ve been using or this whole time?


I’ve been testing both since you introduced the beta site a week or so ago and have seen pretty much the same on both sites. The beta site seemed to clear up the problem the day I originally posted and both had been good until yesterday. Today, both are working fine. As a side note, I just brought up a couple of web cam streaming sites (sorta high bandwidth) and then started both the beta and regular tablotv sites and saw no audio sync issues on either.


@IllBeDarned - Good to know. Keep us posted if you see anything else.


I’m sorry to keep coming back to this - it just took more time to get the audio (un)sync to materialize. After watching on Chrome (HTML version 1.0.24-601, UA: 46.0.2490.80, PC-Win 7 Pro 64), for about 45 minutes, I noticed it first on the normal site and then after switching to the beta site as well. Backing out of it to the Live TV guide and then back to the same channel fixes it until it eventually works it’s way back to un-synced. During this time, I had Task Manager open and on my performance tab, was showing only about 15 to 45% CPU and 65 to 75% memory usage so I assume it’s not a PC background process slowing everything down. I’ll keep looking for something that might be causing this on my end and report anything I find.


@IllBeDarned - Tx for the update. I’ll let our web team know to let things play for a bit… It seems to get worse the longer it plays, yes?


That’s correct.


Just a note, I came across this posting and I had originally reported the sound sync problem after the 2.2.6 upgrade, however I have been using the beta site and there has not been any sync issue on the beta site. I use Chrome web for viewing, and watched 6 different recordings with no issue. On the “non” beta (normal site) there is still the issue. It seems to get off track as soon as there is a minor pixelation issue, or a skip on the non-beta site.
Hope this helps.


I spoke too soon… :o(
Still a problem even on the beta site. Seems to be when I skip forward over commercials. I know you guys will fix it.


I have the dual tuner and audio latency only happens for me on Live TV. Recordings are fine. I notice that if I click the rewind once it syncs back momentarily. Adjusting bitrate does not seem to matter.


I’m currently on Tablo firmware 2.2.6.
Audio sync problem is still there on some TV stations on both the Roku 3 and Fire TV.
Fire TV (not stick) is on Build
Roku 3 is on 6.2 Build 3672.


Same issue here, but it is faster and more pronounced. On the PC (Chrome) is where Is see the problem. If I click skip forward or back, it instantly corrects it and over time gets more and more off sync which tells me it likely isn’t a hard drive issue. This only seems to happen on PC, but no issue (from short term testing) on the Roku.


Hey folks - We are working on a fix for this. The interim solution is to exit playback and restart it or hit FFW or REW.


Can I ask estimated time frame? No offense, but I just bought this and it already can’t be used due to this. I can’t hit FF, REW 20 times across a show.


@Dulanic - Sorry I don’t have a firm ETA yet. Try using and let us know if you see an improvement.