Linux streaming and random newbie questions

I haven’t bought the Tablo yet as I wasn’t clear on how things work with Linux

How do I watch live & recorded shows on Linux? It sounded like I would go to in a browser and then be able to select the show. Does that work for live and recorded shows? Does it stream over the LAN or does the data leave the internal network and come back down? Is there an app, or is it just browser based?

Also, I’ve seen mixed comments on here regarding the use of SSDs when using the quad? A number of people said it was completely unnecessary, but others indicated that it reduced buffering when multiple devices are streaming recorded shows. Which is it?

How much space does a 1hr recording at the highest quality take up?


Yes. You’ll want to use Google Chrome if you want to use a browser under Linux.

That’s for both using the Tablo for live TV and for watching things recorded/recording.

Traffic for the stream is LAN side.

There are apps for other devices, like Android phones, Roku, FireTV, iOS, etc…

I use an ultra slow 5400rpm (but very reliable) 1TB spinny disk on both my Tablo units.

However, I used the recommended 5mbps 720p recording rate. More than enough for me.

There might be a newer post than this one:

Thanks. I’ll start with an old hard drive for now and see how it goes. I can always upgrade to SSD later if I find a problem. I can always play around with different quality settings so that link was very helpful. From what I’ve read, I should stay away form using an internal disk to prevent potential heat issues.
Now I just have to order this and get it all set up before my youtubetv price goes up :slight_smile:

Just remember. It’s OTA. So you need an antenna that’s reasonable.

Thanks. I took care of that already. I got the channel master flattena 35 (indoor) and did some minor testing with it already. It picked up all the channels I care about about before even putting it in the window so I should be good. I’ll give it a more thorough test tomorrow when the weather isn’t as nice just to make sure.
Thanks again for your help.

As @cjcox answered many of your issues… as for the statement above - it don’t! As how it works under :frowning: Windows 10 - it don’t. How does it work under an iPhone - it don’t. Theses are really just the UI, user interface, or “control panel” (that’s not really a good term).

The “viewing device” runs an app, web app on a PC. As with virtually anything from the internet run in a browser, it’s largly platform independent

Tablo Apps & Comparable Devices notes:

  • Not fully supported on all browsers - optimized for Chrome and Safari

So you probably will want to use Google Chrome, it’s only optimized - not a recommended or officially supported (TabloTV claims there are officially supported browser, but won’t release a list). If it’s your choice, you’ll find Firefox works well (you don’t get a Most Recent recording filter).

Here’s tablo’s official information -

There are no speed or performance benefits from USB 3.0 and solid state drives (SSD) vs. USB 2.0 and spinning drives.

I suspect you need to take into account network topography, recorded quality, which impacts network congestion. If you have the highest quality and want to push all that to several devices over a Wi-Fi network, no matter the performance of the drive, there may me an issue (but not necessarily)

No, but there are amazing 3rd party apps, most for exporting recordings, a couple allow viewing (or just getting a streaming URL for your own media player) recorded content.

I know you said you already have a drive you can test with but just wanted to throw this out so you are aware of them since they just got announced this week…

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