NEW - Microsoft Edge Browser Support

Hi folks -

Over the past month we’ve completed testing and QA of the new Microsoft Edge browser with regards to compatibility with the Tablo web app at

Our tests seem to have gone smoothly, but before we add Edge as an officially supported browser for Tablo, we’d like to solicit some additional feedback from users.

In case you’re not aware, the new Microsoft Edge is based on the same technology behind a browser we already support: Google Chrome.

One of the coolest things about using Microsoft Edge versus Chrome is that Edge allows for passthrough of 5.1 Surround Sound whereas Chrome does not.

So if you have Surround Sound enabled on your Tablo but still want to have sound while viewing via a browser, give Edge a try!

If you run into any issues, or see any odd behaviors when using with Edge, please let us know below.

Oh boy, you’re asking for it now…

The MS Edge web browser you’re referring to is the new one based on Chromium.
We don’t all have that version installed yet.

So, if the version you want us to test is the Chromium based version, then we need clarification, like how do we know if we have the version you want us to test installed?

Answered my own question.
This is what will happen when trying to connect to via the non-Chromium version of MS Edge:

We used the most recent version which is 83.0.478.56 (Official build).

The link above will take you to the download page but it’s also here:

Edge Browser appears to work fine with surround sound. Also it may be my imagination but it synched up faster. I didnt time so no hard facts, it was a wow that was quick.

The version was as mentioned above.

Does a list for “officially supported browser” ?? only comments

  • Not fully supported on all browsers - optimized for Chrome and Safari

Not that it’s an “officially supported”. Many of comfortably use other non-optimized browsers as well.

Of course that’s still the never to be answered

Access to most Tablo screens and features including settings

vs devices with:

Access to all Tablo screens and filters including settings

most/all screen and features or filters – would a user enjoy features over filters? What features do I get vs filters don’t’ I have?

As soon as the Chrome-based edge browser became available some months back, I tried it and it worked just the same as Chrome. I don’t have commercial skip so I couldn’t try that, but all other functionality seems to be there.

5.1 audio is working fine in Edge. Didn’t encounter any other issues doing some high level testing.

Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?

      • officially supported browser? link to this list?

where/ when will you release “officially supported browser for Tablo” ?? I’ve tried searching
Search results for: supported browser

There’s “optimized for” and “We Recommend Any PC or MAC computer running”… just can’t find “officially supported”


officially supported browser? link to this list?

Note: Tablo Support (david) updated that page April of 2020.

Microsoft Edge Browser not being in this list is not the end of the world.

Maybe you can tell me what the minimum version of Chrome and Safari is supported.

PC running Chrome -

That did turn up in my search. The heading is actually " ablo also supports a variety of mobile devices and PCs including:" devices not specifically supported browsers, if someone was secreting for supported browsers… still turns up - not much.

I thought you’ve discussed this in the past

Maybe there are many document pages that are far from perfect.

I need to check all of my devices to ensure they have at least the minimum versions. What versions?

And how about FireFox.

Most of the Tablo Knowledge Base had been “dated”, several years and generations old.

It looks like all/most have been freshened up this past year! So there’s an other thanks for the tablo support team!

…well except for listing supported bowers :poop:


Recently, the Microsoft Edge browser (which is based on Chrome) has made changes that prevent the Tablo web app ( from being supported on this browser.

The Chrome browser itself allows domain owners to register URLs to be excluded from browser changes that can break their sites. Tablo has registered such a request for the Tablo web app with Google which is what is currently allowing use of the web app to continue via Chrome.

Microsoft Edge, which runs on the base technology of Chrome (called Chromium engine), does not and will not respect the requests of domain owners made for the Chrome browser. For that reason, the app is now blocked on this browser.

However, 5.1 Surround Sound is available on compatible PCs via Tablo’s Windows 10 app:

For more information regarding this:

I’ll ask the question. If Nuvvyo has registered their URL with Google to allow the Chrome browser to continue working on Chrome, can we PLEASE get rid of that message at the top of the screen letting us know that “future versions of Chrome will no longer support the Tablo web app.” Sound like y’all have solved the problem, at least for Chrome, and the web app offers functionality that the Windows 10 desktop app doesn’t support.

The request has only delayed this issue for now unfortunately.

Additional functionality will be coming to the Windows 10 app in the coming months.

And in the two days that we posted this, Edge now seems to be working again :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

And we have taken @lkahhan’s advice and removed the Chrome message for now.

But the reality remains that we don’t really know when either browser could fail. We’ll do our best to keep on top it and let you know.