Lifetime subscription only showing 24 hours of programming

I’ve had a lifetime subscription for over a year and annual subscriptions for a couple of years before that. The settings screen says my lifetime subscription is active. The guide used to show two weeks of programming, but sometime in the past year or so it switched to only showing 24 hours. It hasn’t been a huge bother, but I’d like to get it fixed.

Have you switched streaming devices? Not all devices show the two week grid.

There are always two weeks of programing under the various categories (Prime Time, Sports, Movies, etc) if you have a subscription.

The live tv grid will show 24 hours or 2 weeks depending on the streaming device and the setup. What device(s) are you using?

Also make sure 14 day guide is on in settings.

Same Roku Ultra that I’ve had for years.

Don’t seem to have a 24/14 option in settings. Just says my subscription is active and has a ‘refresh’ button which I’ve clicked many times. On Roku.

Hi @garyacrowellsr,

In the Settings menu, if you scroll down to the section called ‘Guide’, the first option should be ‘14-day Live TV Grid (beta)’, with an On/Off toggle. Do you see this option on your Roku app?

If you do, it’s possible this was accidentally toggled off. Turn it back on to have access to 14 days of guide data in your Live TV grid.

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This option to toggle 14 day guide is only available with the Roku. I look at everything else I have, the web app, Fire stick and my android phone and the ability to toggle 14 day guide does not exist. It’s interesting to notice this because I have decided as the Roku’s die not to replace them. Going forward what other options will only be seen by Roku users, gotta wonder

In previous updates to some of the apps, they have the 14 day guide enabled, period, it’s no longer something that can be toggled off. As an example, the 14 day guide is available in the Fire TV/Android TV app…