Latest Feb 2018 firmware is the WORST in 4 years


Firmware .18 installed ok on my Tablo 2yesterday. Did not use it until later when I played a recorded movie. After ~20 mins the screen blanked and showed the msg “optimizing guide data.” Msg stayed on screen forever and Tablo could not be switched to the menu screen. Tired of waiting so watched Hulu. Upon return to Tablo screen got the “connect screen” but cannot now connect to it. I have power cycled the router, roku4 and Tablo 3 times. From Android phone I see the Tablo in the
WiFi settings screen and WiFi appears to connect with Tablo but WiFi switches back to the home network within 1 minute. The blue LED sequence progresses as its should but then ends up with a “flicker” (not really a blink) at ~ 1/sec and that’s as far as it will go. Have submitted ticket but any help very much appreciated!


I had exactly the same experience - haven’t upgraded the firmware or changed anything else. After deleting the Tablo cookies and cache the recordings “came back”. This happened a couple of times and I realized I could refresh simply by disconnecting the Tablo from my laptop (red X on connect screen) and then the laptop would re-sync all the data with my Tablo, and all be good to go.

I suspect something at the Tablo HQ server end has been playing up or changed to accommodate the new firmware (and maybe other recently introduced apps - though I haven’t used any of them). Since the device “phones home” often this could have altered or corrupted the Chrome/laptop data.

This may or may not be connected with the recent involuntary recording of the football All Star game that so many of us experienced on our Tablos.


Problem resolved by tech support on phone, quickly!


Feel free to provide details.

Not saying you went over to top like so many…

It killed my grandmother, stole my car, set fire to my house, ate my homework, disastrous product should be banned everywhere!!!

But, quick call to tech support got it all straightened away…


Not all paranormal activity can be attributed to 2.2.18. I’m still on 2.2.16. I record new the Jimmy Kimmel show.

This showed up today. One show for season 15 episode 186 recorded 2/6 and one show for season 15 episode 19 recorded 2/7 in different tabs. Shows up like that for WEB and Roku.


Same thing happened here too. Drives Plex crazy when imported.


Must be tablos use of the Illuminati, deep state mechanisms, and other secret societies to undermine Plex.


Home page icon with 0 recordings and cannot be deleted. Problem appears to occur randomly when attempting to delete episode(s). Icon stuck on home page of Tablo with no counter or badge in upper right corner. See example video:


Thanks for suggestions. Both of my Tablos have relatively new hard disks< approved WD drives, no issues, until FW update. Both lost a large batch of recorded episodes for a single episodic show. the missing batch on Tablo-4 tuner reappeared a few days later. The other batch on the other Tablo is still missing. v
Very unlikely to be 2 hard drives suddenly failing intermittently right after FW update but anything is possible, especially with Tablo.


Thanks Richard.

Could be a stale cache on the Tablo recorders, but rebooting them, as well as my five Roku players, and 2 Apple TV players, made no difference. After several days of these shows being AWOL, they suddenly appeared and play perfectly.

The Tablo firmware, in my opinion, has some database management problems which did not exist or had not been visible until the FW release earlier this week. I would call them “new bugs”.


Maybe Kimmel’s program guide is wrong and Tablo merely honors / ignored the EPG error?


While it’s hard to view the “bad” stuff, please try to “keep” the “bad” stuff and submit tickets so that @TabloSupport can do easier investigation. Just a recommendation.


There can be any number of “bad” stuff. Submitting tickets doesn’t necessarily results in anything productive happening.

For issues that are self clearing it’s often easier to mention it on the forum and go on with your OTA DVR life. One example is the recent NFL Pro Bowl game.


In all fairness, I think they were very interested in that one. Just saying.


All I require is a response that makes me smile.
I’m easy.


I think you will find that I explained and posted a jpeg of the initial Pro Bowl database corruption.

It first appeared when I got a resolve conflict and when I resolved it by unscheduling the game it still showed up as scheduled with no/zero shows scheduled. It also appeared outside of the NFL tile group.

Since it didn’t clear by clearing the cache and tablo unit, it should have raised a big red flag. But it didn’t. Their forum response showed no concern.

Oh, well.

I initially though it had to do to their HTML 1/23/2018 change.


Know what you mean…told Tablo with a ticket when QUEST was running loop. STILL WAITING in Austin, TX


I don’t think QUEST is your only guide issue.

If, on 2/5/18, you looked at the 14 day guide for four late night talk shows (Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert, and Corden) only one new show appeared for all of those shows.

All other shows appear in the guide under the Other tab with no description. This all started to resolve itself on the 2/6/18 AM guide update. Of course any conflicts could have been missed.


I too went to playback a recorded program. When I check to see if there is any shows not watched it shows there is one. It shows episodes highlited. When I push the screen then says No recordings. You can schedule from the guide screen. I know it was supposed to recordGreysanatomy last night and it shows one recording but as stated earliewr there is no recording.


Yesterday I had 2 separate season 15 Jimmy Kimmel tabs. Today I have 3. I wonder how long I can let it go before the database blows. Of course the main Jimmy Kimmel tile indicates I only have 2 episodes. And I’m still on 2.2.16.