KNOWN ISSUE - Some Tablo Apps Failing to Handle DST Time Change

Just for grins, was checking on this today and noticed my guide data is reporting as expired, when it is paid up through 10/2021. Something else y’all may want to check. I’m on hold waiting for the help desk…

Update: Assuming work done from my email ticket, was able to (after a couple dozen tries) get success from the “Refresh” button on the Settings panel. Guide is active, and updating (although taking forever - about 10 minutes and only at 18%). Just watch your settings, all!

I’m having this problem. I have a Samsung Smart TV and the menu shows an incorrect time. It says above that I should clear the cache, how do I do that?

I have other issues, too. Lip sync thru Roku is off. And very slow loading on either the Smart TV Hub or the Roku app. Lip sync is not off thru the Smart TV Hub. How can I get these fixed?

same here. web app is good now. resolved. windows app still has the problem…

Chiming in to say this is still an issue on LG TV app. It doesn’t break anything, but still we hope it gets fixed soon!

My Hisense RokuTV was affected and although I am not certain if the issue was Roku related or the Tablo app, the cause seemed to be the time zone on the Roku which changed from EST to CST. I changed the timezone back to EDT and all seems well now. Unfortunately, my recordings were affected.

This would seem to if anything be an issue on the Roku itself because the consistency through all of this is that the actual time of the existing scheduled recordings, etc. has not been affected and all the recordings have happened correctly as scheduled, it’s just the time on the Live TV grid.

Changing the time from EST to CST is one way to compensate for day light savings time.

My vote on this… “just say no”

There’s no DST in AZ. Will it remain MST?

It might depend on whether you live within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation.

Any fix for this? Still having this issue.

It is 4:23pm here now, and the earliest “Live TV” show I can see is 8:00pm :frowning:

That was on my laptop with Chromium.
On my phone with the Android app, it is now 6:14,pm the “Live TV” shows start @ 5:00pm

Any updates on this? I just noticed this issue on my ipad Tablo app. The time displays fine on my Fire TV Tablo app, but it’s wrong on my ipad. Recordings have been working ok even though they display the wrong time on the schedule.

Just wanted to mention that the time displayed on the live tv schedule is NOT the only issue. As you can see on this screenshot, I have The Rookie scheduled to record from 9 to 10pm because that is when it airs. But the two scheduled showings display a recording time of 8 to 9pm. The end result is that it records at the right time because it THINKS it’s 8pm when it is actually 9pm. But if I want to set up a new manual recording I’m not sure what would happen. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this. This is on my ipad. Thanks .

It does say CST on the schedule.

Yep. We have a fix in beta at the moment that seems to correct the issue for all of the affected apps.

We’re hoping to begin rolling it out soon.

FYI - The staged rollout of the fix (via a firmware update) has now started:

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I just updated and everything so far looks good. The time is now correct via IOS and on my Android tablet. Roku and Chrome on Windows 10 are still correct.

My Chromium is still hosed. It’s 5:30, and Tablo reports 9:30…
My phone with the app, and Roku are fine…