Key Art from Guide Provider


Why doesn’t the guide provider update tv show key art?

I know it’s a relatively small thing, but the artwork for most of my shows is a season or two behind. And the artwork that display behind the shows recordings on Roku is even older.

It would be nice to have those things updated more often for a more immersive experience.


Tell me about it. There is a Michigan logo for all of the Nebraska volleyball on my local PBS station… And Tom Brady on the NFL…

Show Images change over time

I got some insight on this from our server/guide data guru.

Images on shows are updated (if there is a new image) every 100 days.

HOWEVER, if you have that show scheduled AND/OR you have shows from that series ID in your recordings, the image will remain the same.

We are pondering updating images on BOTH the scheduling side of things as well as previously captured recordings at the same time however it could lead to weirdness…

For example… You have a bunch of recordings of Letterman from before the Colbert era… But if we did that change, then all of the recordings would now have the Colbert image, not the Letterman image.

This is why we haven’t implemented this yet.


Well, I can see the issue with sports programs changing very often, but a primetime tv show’s artwork usually only changes once a year (before its new season).

So, I guess the 100 days thing isn’t a one size fits all (or even fits most) - And I really don’t understand why that’s a constraint they would put in place.

As to the example, I think I’d rather default to the newest art than the oldest. But, I can see how that could be an issue.

Is there any way to be more granular with the updates, like say only primetime shows update every x days, while sports or talk shows are at x days, etc?

Also, what about the artwork wallpaper on rokus on a show’s recordings page? (and i guess at the top of a show description on live grid).

Is that controlled by the guide provider, too? Any way to get updates on those as well?


The 100 days is an arbitrary interval we chose in order to balance consistency with currency.

We can definitely look into updating some shows more often.

And re: the wallpaper, there are certain elements like this where we request an image with no text… Sometimes these images are not updated as often.

There are a LOT of factors involved in what you see and don’t see. :slight_smile:

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Similar to what happened to me when Lester Holt got named new anchor. It was still showing Brian Williams.


Can sports graphics be updated weekly and everything else less frequently?


Saw this mentioned earlier - the guide’s artwork at the top of the page (Chrome) takes up half the page. Is there a way to trim that down to give the grid more room?


Any way I can trigger a re-get of this? I have shows scheduled across seasons (I don’t mark it as un-scheduled just because it’s on summer/winter break)…