Show Images change over time

I recently replaced an old 2 tuner with a new to me 4 tuner…or I guess I shouldn’t say replaced…I added the 4 tuner to my configuration. I was having constant conflicts with my old one, so I switched to using my new one to record a majority of my shows and am leaving my old one to record misc stuff that the household at large doesn’t care about (so they don’t need to swap which Tablo they are connected to)…I noticed something that was weird, but I guess expected, but I’m looking for a way to ‘trigger’ this change. My old Tablo has logo x for a given show, but my new Tablo has image y…it’s obvious that image x is simply an initial, we haven’t gotten one from the provider yet, type of image…and the new one is the one published by the show vendor. I suspect my new Tablo was factory reset before I received it, so when I turned it on and connected it to the internet, it got the latest and greatest images for all of my shows…my old one has been running relatively smoothly for several years…so, here is my question.

How often does Tablo check and update the image for a given show, and is there anything I can do to trigger a ‘get’ for that particular piece of metadata.

I had to look back in the archives here, but I think I found a good thread from October 2015:

Images on shows are updated (if there is a new image) every 100 days.

HOWEVER, if you have that show scheduled AND/OR you have shows from that series ID in your recordings, the image will remain the same.

I didn’t see that discussion, but yea, it addresses the need…but doesn’t address how to get it updated…I want the updated graphics for my scheduled shows as the seasons change…thanks for the lookup :slight_smile: