July 3-6 Automatic Commercial Skip Issue (Resolved)

Hi folks -

Over the weekend an unexpected issue occurred with Tablo’s Automatic Commercial Skip server. The issue is now resolved and is not expected to reoccur.

However, those of you with Automatic Commercial Skip enabled on your Tablo units will see that recordings created between late Friday July 3rd and early this morning July 6th (EST) will have the error message “Commercial Skip upload failed”.

Unfortunately these recordings can not be re-uploaded for processing.

As mentioned, this issue has been resolved so newly created recordings are being uploaded and processed correctly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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You mean I have survived the “Commercial Skip upload failed” pandemic?

I can end my self-isolation, leave the house, mingle with my fellow humans and not wear a mask?

Alas, the real pandemic is still a thing.

Commercial Skip upload failed ever since Firmware 2.2.30. I have refreshed and I do have the premium service that says its active. Commercial Skip worked (not all the time) before the firmware update.

Any suggestions?

See above…

Thanks for confirming the problem, especially since it was confusingly close to the firmware update.