Is the Plex Channel plugin still being developed?

Since the Plex app is now available on the new Apple TV it just made sense to use it to leverage the Tablo Plex channel.
What I have discovered is that although the Tablo Plex channel seems to work fine on my MacBook, Roku and PC platforms there seems to be an issue using it on iOS devices.
Attempting to playback live TV or previous recordings results in things just sort of hanging. You will see the first frame generated and that’s it.
I have tried this on my iPad Air 2 running 9.1 and an iPad Mini Retina running 8.1.3.

I see where there was a Beta of the Tablo Plex channel but the download links seem to be broken.

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Tablo 4 tuner
Plex server running on Seagate Personal Cloud

Last I heard they were waiting for the release of the API.

That is the last word before things went dark.
The Dropbox link also seems to be dead as well.

I would hope someone could pick this up especially with the new Apple TV possibilities.


I am hoping for a native Apple TV app, that way the channel isn’t necessary for me anymore.

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Yes, that is the ultimate solution. I guess the channel would be a nice option until the Tablo Apple TV app is available which could take a while considering the issues going on.
Here’s hoping the present issues get worked out soon so things can really start to take off for the Tablo community. Table has such promise and I am really pulling for their success!

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Digging into this a little more it seems this is not necessarily the fault of the Tablo channel but rather in the Plex iOS application itself.
It seems that the iOS app has issues playing back channels at this time so hopefully they can work things out on that end.


Good to know, I am getting the new Apple TV soon.

Any Tablo API Plugin for Plex yet that works for the Plex remote and IOS viewing? Works ok at home but nothing on the road while traveling…