Plex Plugin 2.0 Beta is Ready

** Great News - @PIX64 found the bug in my live tv code and so I am ready for some testing,  Please remember, this is beta, I’d be really surprised if it works 100% for everyone, please provide your logs if you find something not working. The following file will need to be unzipped and placed in your Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/ folder but can live side by side with the old version:

You got me :wink: 2 tablos

I’m down to test the Plex plugin v2.0 - as long as I can still direct it a remote Tablo with the IP Override feature.

I’m happy to test (but w/only one tablo).  

I’m in; have one 4-tuner.

I’m in for testing. I have 1 4 tuner.

I’m in too… I have one 4 tuner.

Tx for your hard work @DavidVR

@TabloTV Its my pleasure, on tap for the rewrite is:

  • Better feedback when trying live tv (It should give the actual tablo error instead of a plex error)
  • Multiple Tablo support (i.e. it will aggregate all tablos into a single view)

/raises hand. One 4-tuner here.

@davidvr, this will probably make it unusable for me. If you mean all shows on a single screen.

As an example, I have maybe 10-15 shows recorded at anytime on the Tablo I use, my wife on the other hand has 100’s of shows. Trying to go through the recordings will be crazy. She doesn’t delete

@Jestep I’ll try to give you both views, Per Tablo and a combined then. 

@Davidvr, thanks!

OK, I think I may be a good volunteer.

I have 2 Tablos - both 4-tuners.  One with a 500GB drive that I rely on, and a second with a 2TB drive that I use as a Just-In-Case system.

I use the great “tablo2go” method to download to a 4TB external, self-powered drive.  Then, I copy these to another 500GB drive that I have connected to a TP-LINK router ( 3600 ) that can be accessed as some sort of NAS.  Once here, I can see it in both any PC and a KDLINKS HD720 that I have.

I also have a ROKU ( 2 ), ( 2 because it is for my wife’s non-HDMI TV )

I don’t presently use PLEX, but really want to dive in, but don’t seem to have the dedicated time to do so.
Every time I get ready to do so, something comes up.  I have 1 son moving to Seattle ( from here in FL )
and another graduating in May.  So, time is precious.

I have a Dell Precision M6300 from ebay that I can dedicate to the PLEX solution.

OK, now for the clincher ( I think ).  I have a THIRD Tablo from Black Friday that I couldn’t resist.  It is New-In-Box,
and has not even been opened.  I do have a Lifetime Subscription from Tablo.

I’m quite willing to help out, but it should be apparent that I need help myself.


I’m also down to test it out but I only have 1 tablo 4 tuner. We plex a lot, my wife uses plex on her iphone every day to and from work too while on the bus/train.

I’ll try Plex plug-in 2.0.       We currently use current plug in to stream Tablo content to Fire TV and for access Tablo with Kodi via PleXMBC.

  • Multiple Tablo support (i.e. it will aggregate all tablos into a single view)

This is super cool! 

! have a Tablo 4 tuner, and Plex serving multiple different Roku’s (2s and 3s), Android tablets, phones,  iOS devices, Xbox, Playstation and PCs.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Thanks Guys, I wrapped up rewriting the shows, sport, recent recordings sections, all I have now to do is reimplement live tv and it will be ready for testing :slight_smile:

Will the new version act any differently when you watch a recorded show that is still in the process of being recorded and it would begin playback where it is currently live instead of starting from the beginning?

Not a super big issue but would be nice improvement.