Is RETRO TV available where you live

I just noticed they redid their website and they list everywhere they have stations and the station (some, at least Austin, TX) have the wrong channel.

We have RETRO on 44-2 in Phoenix. It is listed as UHF on TVFool and it scans in my Tablo with 5 green dots and is 480i. (I have a very strong antenna in the attic)

It’s listed for my city on their website but my scan does not pick the station name or #.

No the closest broadcaster is just a bit too far away. But we do get MeTV, CoziTV, LaffTV, Antenna TV, Comet TV, GetTV, Grit, Escape, Decades, H&I and Movies(Classic movies). Why would I even think of going back to cable.

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What city? I can see what I can track down. Perhaps it broadcast on a VHF frequency. Do you have an antenna designed for both VHF and UHF?

I’m in St. Louis, St. Peters to be exact. My antenna is an Antennas Direct DB4. Does this help?

The DB4 has become our most popular model because it is simply the best Mid Range HDTV antenna on the market. With an approximate 13.7 dBi gain, it is one of the strongest multi-directional antennas available and performs consistently across the entire UHF spectrum. It even works well in areas where HD transmitters are in multiple directions.

The bow tie design of the DB4 uses triangular elements instead of rods to greatly increase the bandwidth allowing it to cover the entire UHF band. Additionally, the mesh reflector of the bowtie is more efficient than a rod reflector, is lower in weight, and provides less wind resistance for greater performance and durability.

If you are looking for an antenna that is practically guaranteed to perform, the DB4 is one of your safest choices. It will pull in all UHF frequencies and most higher level VHF frequencies with a range of about 55 miles. should help you. The numbers in the RF are VHF if 2 to 13. This is a list of the stations you should be able to get, depending on the distance to the broadcast tower. Also see

For St. Louis it shows as WPX 13.1 VHF and KDTL-DT 16.1 UHF (per website All DTV stations in the St. Louis area are in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band (300 - 1000 MHz). No biggie…was hoping to help you with whatever issue you were researching.

Do those two stations show up on your Tablo? It’s possible they dropped RETRO TV and no one picked it up (the one listed for Austin, TX is listed on 34.4 which I don’t get, but it is really on 17.5 in Austin, TX.

No they don’t show up. I re-scanned right after I read your post, too. And I un-split my antenna going to the Tablo so my antenna is not connected to my TV so I cannot tell you if it shows up there unfortunately.

Available in Houston. No guide data for it yet on tablo.

I can’t get Retro. KVAT is a LP . If they go the KBVO route then maybe one day.

I’m in North Austin and can get it with the Winegard FL5500A.

According to the METV website, 7.4 KTBC will have METV.

When? Lauff and Grit are coming soon. 14.2 and 54.2

I was looking online and 12.2 out of San Antonio is MeTV. Soon they are adding Movies! on 12.3. I was thinking if a channel that had Movies! then maybe they’ll add MeTV. I went to the METV website and it stated it’s already on 7.4. I’ve been rescanning but it’s not up yet. Emailed MeTV and KTBC but no response.

I called METV and they told me to call KTBC. i googled and found their number. While no defiinate date, she confirmed it is coming by the end of this month!!

After it is broadcasting, then it will be ticket time for @TabloTV to add to EPG. I’m going to add it to my TitanTV lineup now, so when it starts broadcasting I’ll have the schedule.

Great! I can pick it up out of S.A. but will get it 100% from Austin.
Says 54-2 and 54-3 soon

From Mark:
1/29 we’ll light up a couple more sub-channels. Grit 54.2 and Laff 54.3.

@Tablotv - since there is a known date, can your guide provider automatically add them on 1/30? I’ve already added them to my TitanTV lineup and see that Grit will become one of the channels I like, with Walker, Texas Ranger among other shows.

A plus for these sub channels is NO PRESIDENTIAL or sports interruptions.