Is My Tablo Dying?

My tablo that I’ve had for a couple years now randomly shuts off. Blue light goes out. I unplug and plug back in and it works fine until it happens again. Any ideas?


Power supply going bad? Marginal plug on a power strip?

it is plugged into a power strip. I’ll try switching that. Thanks.

Mine is doing the same thing. It locked up and it didn’t record any football yesterday.

I’ve also had my tablo a couple of years.
My blue light goes out but the tablo still seems to be working.
I was able to watch football yesterday on live tv.
And it is still recording shows.
This started after I began shutting off all power to all devices in tv room (reciever, tv, tablo etc.) every night.

I’m wondering too if it’s dying?


@Csrredcoat Let us know if switching out the power strip doesn’t fix things for you.

Your Tablo should not be turned off overnight as it performs required maintenance during that time.

Now when I reboot tablo, the blue light immediately fades and goes out and I can’t connect to it.
I’ll try leaving it plugged in but can you tell me what maintenance it does?


Nightly maintenance includes downloading guide data updates as well as database cleanup. If your Tablo hasn’t gone through it’s maintenance in a long time, it could be experiencing problems. Probably best to touch base with our support team: