Recording wrong channel

I have had my tablo for a couple of years and I set it to record Fox channel NFL football and collage. Well… For the past month or so it now records some Spanish channel instead. I re set it up to record each week and it still records that same other show? Anyone else have or had this issue?

Do a new channel scan, and save the new channel list - it’s possible the channel moved frequencies.

I already did a new channel scan it is still recording the Spanish speaking channel. And… It’s not football! It’s got me stumped!

I assume you are saying you used some app to schedule a reoccurring recording of NFL and specified a specific channel instead of all or new?

And if you were using the same app does the scheduled recording appear correct if you use a different app?

I used the Tablo guide to schedule the recording. The channel in this area is 35-1 which if you view it on the Tablo or direct from the antenna is displays correctly. If I record the the program it replays some other show from a Spanish language

Would that imply that the database on the tablo unit is corrupt?

And if you delete both the fox channel and the spanish channel, rescan, and re-add those two channels do things get better. That would force the unit to delete and re-add the guide for those two stations. Of course all the other scheduled recordings and what is already record on those two channels might disappear. I’ve never had to delete channels to fix a database issue.

Of course you could put your unit in maintenance mode, open a ticket, and wait to tablo support to see what is happening.

It had been noted, albeit some time ago, nightly maintenance does “database cleanup”, but depending on ones’ perspective I guess that could be vague.

While it’s nice that overnight maintenance does database maintenance it mostly centers around making sure that the database list matches the actual shows stored on the media and that the shows stores on the media matches what’s in the database.

Nightly maintenance mostly fixed the orphaned recording not reflected in the database. Thus eating up storage space - zap they are gone.

After that support logs in to “evaluate/fix” the issues. Or if it’s a guide issue not fixed by nightly maintenance it just might age out after 14 days.

It appears to be an issue with bad schedule information

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