Is my Tablo a goner?

The light is out on my Tablo Quad 1 TB. I had received a message “no Tablo Found”. I took it to another outlet just to make sure. No light. I had coincidentally developed some network problems. I had moved the desk my router was on and had to unplug it. Now I can not get my TV to recognize my Mesh Network. So I had hoped the issue with my Tablo was a network issue.

But the fact that I can’t get a light on my Tablo I think is telling me the worst news.

And the real important question is, everything I have stored on it gone forever? Lots of stuff on it I don’t want to lose.

Do I just order another one?

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Should get flashing LED lights when first plugged in. If not could be a bad tablo power supply or wall socket.

I don’tthink it is bad wall socket. As I said in my op, "I took it to another outlet just to make sure." I wonder how to test power supply.

Get a replacement power adapter for the Tablo, you can order one directly from the Tablo website. If you search the forums, you’ll see others have had the power adapter die.

Kind of, buy not necessarily, if the drive is “intact”. Although you didn’t get to shut it down. There is a method to move your drive to a new tablo, if you conclude this path:

There are also topics and post about recovering/exporting recordings from the drive. It’s a PITA without the tablo, but if it’s important enough it can be done.

is just one example.

This revives the discussion using a DVR as a media library. Do you store all you digital content on a semi-proprietary device? (it’s not completely proprietary as they allow 3rd party apps to export recordings into a “universal” format playable across platforms and wide variety of players and allows for backup)

Also see this posting for an alternative (higher amp capable) power adapter.

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