Is it out yet..?

Well I’m to the point that either i get the roku 4 or Apple tv 4. I haven’t been around lately but i have been searching and i think the app is not out yet…? for the apple tv 4, is that correct?

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Now please go to sleep.

Still in beta…ugh

Beta means better…as in better than nothing. I would suggest not getting Roku because when they update it breaks things. If you want something besides ATV. then Nvidia Shield is my recommendation is would say NP but it is currently unavailable

Get the Roku Stick. $39 vs $149 for Apple? No brainer.
Not only does Apple not have Tablo, but it doesn’t have Sling TV, and many others including Amazon Prime, Vudu, etc.!! Whats with that?!?! It is not 4K either.
I have the Roku 4K, but the Roku Stick has a great processor, and you don’t really need 4K.
I got the Roku 2 for free for signing up for Sling TV.

I wouldn’t recommend the Roku streaming stick at least not last year’s model. I have one and experience frequent buffer issues and an unresponsive remote. I NEVER have trouble when using the Roku Plex channel to access content from the Tablo via my television’s Plex app. The problem is not the Tablo, it is clearly the Roku streaming stick. I am curious if anyone has purchased the new and improved Roku streaming stick and has had success with it.

No, really. Is it out yet?

Why are those your two options? If you have a 4K tv, you’d better get a roku 4 as the Apple TV is 1080p only. If you don’t have a 4K tv, why the roku 4 and not a 3?

Launched today

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Im in Apples eco system, and the Roku 4K is well 4 K. My smart tv is 4K as far as netflix and amazon so thats of no concern. I need the Tablo app for TV. I also run my own PLEX server. I would like the Apple TV4 as a first choice, but if the app is not out yet then the Roku is the next best option i guess…

I wont get a stick… so thats pretty much where I’m at with it, hard to believe the app is not out yet wow, oh well

how does the beta for Apple TV4 run…? and is it available for download or does it require an invitation…?

As of now, it requires you to be signed up for the Tablo Beta program and then signed up for the Apple TV beta specifically then you receive a TestFlight invite

It’s not really surprising that is isn’t out yet. Lots of much larger companies with more resources (sling) just got their app out yesterday. And tablo is close. I’ve been enjoying my Apple TV even without it, it works great, and the Siri remote is the best way to skip commercials yet!

So, does the beta work?

Tablo app for ATV should be out this week. First day of summer is June 20th and Tablo has continued to assure us it will release the ATV app this spring. They have 6 days…

well if thats the case then i can start shopping !! LOL

Sign up for the beta program once you have access to the Beta section of this Forum sign up for the Apple TV beta. Pretty quick and they are still sending out codes (as of this morning)

Just to be clear folks - we want the people who sign up to be full participants in the Apple TV and other subsequent betas so please don’t jump through these hoops just to have early access to a single app.

Being a full participant means providing timely and specific feedback about any new app or firmware loads we provide to beta users so if you don’t have the time or inclination to assist in this manner, please leave the spaces open for folks who do.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that the Beta program isn’t for the faint of heart. There were some dark days around the 2.2.7 time frame :slight_smile: Wife Acceptance Factor was the lowest I have ever seen it.

Definitely do not jump in just for this.