Is it April Fool’s Day? New Tablo DUAL HDMI

No one is selling you their working Tablo DVR for $5, even if mine is currently 6 years old lol

No, you can’t. The HDMI unit is ineligible for a lifetime subscription.

It can be added/transferred to per-existing subscription.

I see I mis-understood your question. Might be worth “salvage” value for someone with a dead unit… whole new market :slight_smile:

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I was mostly being facetious, but I’m glad you get where I’m coming from now. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised due to this comment that eventually new purchases are all Tablo DVR units will not be eligible for lifetime subscriptions lol

Even though I have an older Tablo with lifetime subscription, when this one kicks the bucket, I doubt I’ll buy another one. I haven’t recorded anything on NBC-ABC-CBS-FOX in over a year (do the majors have anything worthwhile?). The programs I used to record are all on subchannels but I don’t need a guide for those. The Tablo guide is useless to me now.

If I go with a recorder it will be a cheapie Homeworx type (which I already have) that can be manually recording older programs without the need for a guide (I can live with the daily guide transmitted OTA). My wife prefers streaming channels such as Friendly for just a few bucks a month (and Friendly allows “recording”). Also my TCL TV allows for 2 hour buffering (with pause, rewind & FF) using a USB key.

So a $100+ DVR with a fancy guide is no longer attractive for me…unless someone does something interesting with ATSC 3.0.

If there are others like me, then Nuvyyo will probably need a monthly revenue stream.

Ditto. The ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX axis is dead. Years ago people used to center their prime time TV around this set of channels. Now this media axis doesn’t interest a lot of people. Politically and culturally they’ve killed themselves (and this includes live sports). So a costly guide detailing what the majors provide is uninteresting to viewers.

I always thought the guide provided the basic framework by which the DVR software could identify the various programs.

This allows the DVR software to implement, regardless of channel, such features as record new and no dups. Otherwise the human user would have to provide all of that program filtering. And OTA recordings would have gone back to the good old days of Sony BetaMax.

If the guide is part of the basic framework to distinguish what to record, why does one have to pay extra for it?

In ATSC 3.0 an extended guide will be a part of the basic framework.

Basic frame work indicates that the DVR software needs, at the minimum, the guide information to implement some features.

The concept of subscription software(versus rent or own) probably goes back 40 years. It’s not limited to the data provided by gracenotes.

It also includes all the software to implement Primetime, Movies, and Sports view. As well as record series, start early/late, end early/late, recording quality, remote connect, etc. Maybe you think the cost of that R&D is free.

ATSC 3.0 thinks an extended two week guide with comprehensive data should be free (and it will).

The “assumption” that many are making is that people have “other” (premium?) streaming services. That might not be the case. Arguably, the most awesome cord cutter is the one that isn’t paying for anything monthly (realizing that Tablo has sort gotten into the monthly charge game as well).

To me cost is a big factor. Not saying we don’t pay for some premium monthly services. But I will tell you what if the family wants to “add”, they also must “subtract” (add a new service by canceling another). Today, our family carries Netflix (the low cost one), Amazon Prime Video, Philo (grandfathered into their $16/mo plan), Disney+ (we got the $3/mo deal prepaid in advance, was it 3 years?). And we get Hulu due to Sprint.

Short story (of add/subtract), we added Disney+ and Philo to replace SlingTV which had raised rates twice on us and was, I think $35/mo at the time we canceled. Effectively, we get everything we had with SlingTV plus everything Disney+ has for total cost of $19/mo.

So… do I use my Tablo (and/or Plex DVR)? You bet. Sport subscriptions are the most (bar none) expensive part of bundled plans. So, I get my sports OTA (for example). But there are lots of classic movies (depends on what you get OTA, granted some of this is also on the “free” streaming things out there, but not all of it). And the family enjoys local news (like the Sunday talking heads) and Dancing with the Greatest Masked Voice and the like.

What I’m trying to avoid is paying cable monthly fees… you know? But it doesn’t take too many premium services to come close to the robbery of cable (so be careful). Realizing that “corded users” usually carried a Netflix and Amazon sub in addition to what they were already paying for “TV”.

With that said, could we do better? Perhaps. There are days I want to boot Netflix to the curb. We’ll see, maybe someday.

While this might be true, as of today, almost everyone is ATSC 1.0 and thus need guide data, which people will pay for today.

If the current ATSC 3.0 broadcasters, who are just re-encoding their ATSC 1.0 broadcast into ATSC 3.0, don’t need ATSC A/65C - Fantastic.

That means Nuvyyo’s ATSC 3.0 product doesn’t need to pay Gracenotes. That saves money that can be used for DVR R&D. Of course if the the ATSC 3.0 product also supports ATSC 1.0 we are back to square 1.

Along with what Zippy has stated, from my understanding as well the guide data provides a “mechanism” to build a DB structure for shows/seasons/episodes - networks, channels, etc. Oh, and the copyrighted graphics (yea, I know)

As with current ATSC, there is free EPG - which doesn’t include any data to interlink programing. Even if NextGen TV has 2wks with more detail… it’ll unlikely have any relation to another channel, or packaged syndication or anything beyond what ever the broadcast station off-site engineer set up.

So to get

  • Prime Time TV View
  • Movies View
  • Sports View
  • Filters (genre, new, premiering)
  • Series Info (plot, first air date, etc.)
  • Cover Art
  • Record by Series
  • Advanced Recording Features

It’ll not unreasonably to expect it’ll cost, routinely. Not that we’ll like it, but if you want VCR like function with you tablo, that’s your personal choice.

They fixed one of the big gripes I’ve seen over and over from sports fans. Better quality.
Hey sports fans! This is the Tablo for you! I like my ability to compress the video personally since sports aren’t generally on my menu.

Great work @TabloTV ! You’re still listening to your customers.

That said, hard drives are getting bigger and networks are getting faster. Where’s the QUAD?

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Just curious, what is the second HDMI port for? I can’t imagine having two TVs that close together.

Where did you see that it has 2 HDMI ports?

The title of this thread includes “DUAL HDMI”

Dual is for the number of tuners not HDMI ports.