Is it April Fool’s Day? New Tablo DUAL HDMI

I have 720p channels that are OTA tranferring MPEG2 at 15.3 Mbps. If you have an OG model playing 6 of these over ethernet is over the 100 Mbps port.

And I doubt the CPU and ethernet chip can pump that much data.

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I dont know the specs of the new HDMI unit, but that could be why it’s only a 2 tuner - hardware limitation.

Over the years various electronic components have become so small my old eyes can’t pick up the detail of the new model.

But the motherboard looks well made. As additional models are developed previous chips may be totally replaced with 100% Chinese company versions. But I didn’t pull up the Dual Lite pictures to compare.

But I did find it humorous that the test report used unit 400020 and the label picture was unit 400032. Since these were referenced in the reports maybe they will bronzed any placed on a shelf.

According to fundamental differences - It’s the only tablo without a lifetime option for Guide data subscription? and noted on Tablo TV Guide Data Service,

*Lifetime TV Guide subscriptions are NOT available for Tablo DUAL HDMI.

Unless you’re adding it to a pre 3-07-19 subscription?

This was already answered in the thread.

That was zactly what I was replying to… just to clarify - lifetime is not available for HDMI …but you can still add it to one you already have? (pre 3-07-19) More specifically:

It’s possible for an HDMI Tablo to handle a lifetime subscription? They just won’t sell new ones.



I was excited about the HDMI version until I looked at the remote. The thing that keeps me on DISH is the remote has a number pad and my wife likes to change the channel with the number pad.

Lol number pad is the only reason you stay with DISH? What is your monthly payment?

Cost is not what keeps me on Dish.
She hates the roku remote and likes the Dish remote.
She will not do a right, down, up,up,up, select to get to her program. She enters 11 as a channel and enter and bang she is there. If Tablo would add that to their remote it would be GREAT.

This was mentioned in another thread, but the fine print of the ad says that you have to have a guide subscription to use the in-home streaming feature.

@TabloTV, can you explain that reasoning? I can understand not want to sell lifetime subscriptions anymore, but this seems out of the ordinary for your company.

I would think that there isn’t enough money(profit margin) to be made from just selling iron to cover R&D costs. Or you product has 100% of a very large market.

I would expect that other extended features might move to the subscription only bracket.

All newly introduced Tablo DVR models, including the new Tablo DUAL HDMI, will be eligible for monthly and annual TV Guide Data Service subscriptions. All future products will follow this pricing model, which excludes lifetime subscriptions, in order to help us continue to deliver new features, software improvements, new products and maintain our high-quality in-house support for our customers.

So even future “network DVRs” which are headless will require a subscription for in-home streaming?

No… That will still be a basic included feature of network-connected DVRs.

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So, the “lifetime” of Lifetime Subscriptions, has come to an end?

What happens if I buy a Tablo Dual now and lifetime sub? Can I add a Tablo Dual HDMI and have the lifetime apply to it as well? Guessing no?

I was a Tablo customer and have been thinking about returning, but the new model isn’t an inviting one.

I guess that would be away around the rules, but a new lifetime subscription is valid for only 1 device at a time. So you’d have to remove the DUAL LITE from your subscription and add the DUAL HDMI to it. Thus the DUAL LITE would then operate as it didn’t have a subscription.

Tablo gained a new customer with this HDMI unit. It’s exactly what I’m looking for (though 4 tuners would be better). But they lost me with no lifetime subscription. Anyone have an old Tablo unit to sell for $5 that I can get a lifetime subscription with before buying an HDMI unit?

Your Tablo TV Guide Service subscription is tied to YOU, not a specific device.

A $5 tablo doesn’t come with someone else’s lifetime subscription :expressionless:

Tablo TV Guide Data Subscription