Is it April Fool’s Day? New Tablo DUAL HDMI

That’s been a big part of our success from day 1. A new customer survey is rolling out today, so make sure to fill yours out!

And you’re not the only one itching for a QUAD HDMI so we’ll see what we can do about that in 2021.

I am grandfathered in for lifetime guide subscription for any Tablos I buy that can handle a lifetime guide subscription.

If I order the Tablo HDMI from the factory can I have it pre-enabled for a lifetime guide subscription or would I have to make that request after I receive and activate it?

Since new device come with a 30 day trial, it’s unlikely you’ll get to pre-enable -

Says you’ll need to wait. I have called to add devices, it’s painless (as long as you call at the right time). They just need the number you’ll easily find when you select/click Manage My Subscriptions from the settings tab. Takes less than a minute.