iPhone X Tablo App Optimization

Just checking in to see if this is in the works. Currently the Tablo iOS app is not optimized for the iPhone X’s screen and leaves much to be desired.

Not getting an iPhone X, but curious about what it looks like (the Tablo UI that is).
(requesting a screenshot)

Yep - should be live in the next couple of days! Stay tuned.

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As requested…

Uh… so, is this just the fairly normal 18:9 aspect ratio problem? Trying to guess what you didn’t like in that screenshot.

So glad they (the phone manufacturers) picked an aspect ratio that makes no sense. Good choice!

Not sure what you’re shooting for here, but yeah, optimized apps fill out the entire screen. Looks great when executed.

On a different note… Glad to hear that an update is in the works though. Nice work Tablo!

@je11 Pssst NEW - Tablo iOS App Update (v. 1.3.7)

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Please update app to fix white bar on iPhone X

Recording or live tv? A little more info would be helpful here…

Can you take a screenshot?

White bar never goes away during play back

The white bar is not from Tablo but the phone. Since there is no ‘Home’ button on the iPhone X, swiping up from there is how you access the home screen.

The white bar fades out while using other video apps. It should with Tablo as well.

Any update on when you plan to update the app for iPhone X? Most video apps have been updated already.

true, especially towards the notch it’s so irritating.

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