IP address on my.tablotv.com

Can you add an option in my.tablotv.com to find the tablo by it’s IP address. I have run into a problem when the internet is down, or for some reason in Chrome, I lose the WAN connection or if you have a router behind router and there is no way to put one router in bridge mode or DMZ that “my.tablotv.com” will not work from the browser.
I keep tablo on a static IP address, and the LAN is working because the Tablo works with the Roku or the iPhone or iPad but not from a browser. If I could just type in the IP address in “my.tablotv.com” instead of the browser trying to search for the Tablo, that should solve the problem.

Read this thread:


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It’s 6 AM, Ground Hogs day, and I can hear Sony and Cher singing “I’ve Got You Babe” over the radio.


Seriously?!? I suppose you have read other topics… it almost seems to be ridiculous to even ask such a question.

OK, quick answer from tablo in another topic TabloSupport So why not a non internet access app?