iOS 17 tablo app crashing

Classic Tablo app crashing after iOS 17 update.

Legacy app hangs on tvOS 17 as well. Once more than 20 or so channels’ worth of shows have loaded, the guide disappears and the app becomes unresponsive (only the last program info is shown at the top), requiring a force-quit. The only way I can watch my highest-numbered channels is to quickly scroll down to avoid loading the guide info for the middle channels. I have plenty of disk space and it’s still working fine on my tvOS 16 device, which I guess I’ll hold off upgrading.

Just as an FYI, both apps work properly on my fruit phone which is on iOS 17.

Hopefully, the cause of the issues seen can be identified and corrected.

I too, have the same issue with tvOS 17. App hangs or just crashes trying to use the program guide or watching live TV. Playback of recordings look pixelated in the dark areas for some shows but look fine on tvOS 16.

My legacy Tablo app is working even better then before on my Apple tv HD and Apple tv 4k. I’m using Tablo Dual 64.

@peterxian @SteveG

Could either of you share a screen recording of the hang you’ve described, or one of the crash itself, if it’s reproducible? We haven’t managed to reproduce this yet. Please feel free to share the details on what kind of phone you’re using as well.

I’m on a trip right now so I can’t get some screen grabs until I get back. I’m using an Apple TV 4K (second generation) running tvOS 17.

I tried deleting and reinstalling the legacy Tablo app on the Apple TV and it made no difference.

The last two videos are of the old tablo and old tablo app freezing up on iOS 17 on Apple TV.

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You might be able to reproduce it if you press the left arrow.

Its like if it created an empty column, before the channel number.

When this happens to me i press the right side a few times to bring the menu back.

I am using tvOS 17 on an Apple TV 4K gen 2 (2021). I haven’t updated my older Apple TVs because they are still working fine on tvOS 16.

I’m seeing the same issue as @JohnBoy5562 where the guide disappears if too many channels are loaded. However I’ve since found it’s not completely hung — if you swipe right just enough, the guide reappears, but quickly disappears again. I’ll try to attach an animated gif.

FWIW, I opened a ticket (161968) with support but when I told them to forward the information to developers, the ticket got closed as solved. Smh.


The details you shared with our support team were shared directly with our QA & development teams, who are working on reproducing and resolving this now. This is currently a known issue without an ETA on a resolution at this time, and is being tracked internally. The ‘solve’ status is just how we keep our ticketing system organized, and doesn’t have any bearing on the bug itself.

@TabloSupport it been over a week and I can only watch the first few channels on my Tablo because it freezes up and I have to close the app and open it again. I can watch shows that I have recorded but if I want to watch a channel in the higher numbers I have to try and get to that channel with out the app freezing up. Also is there any update on the Apple TV app for the new Tablo?

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I’m having the same issue as the other users. The app appears to crash when scrolling through the higher channel numbers in the Guide. Sometimes, navigating left or right will free it, but not always. I’m using the Tablo Dual LITE and a first generation AppleTV 4k. It happened the first time after upgrading to iOS 17 on the Apple TV.

I reported it 3 weeks ago. And still no update.i wish they could fix it soon. I’ve been using tablo for at least 8 years and this is the first time a problem has taken this long to solve it usually no more than a couple of days to fix a problem.

so have I reported same issue, its been to long waiting for this issue to get answers.

I have the same problem. I have 7 4K Apple TV’s of various ages. A couple < 1 year old. Two different homes. It’s our replacement for cable boxes. Same problem on all devices. If I am fast enough I can get to my desired TV station before the Live/Guide locks up. Usually takes 3-4 attempts.

On a whim I deleted a lot of channels. In our area I can get over 60 over the air channels. I got rid of all that I never watch. Dropped down to 14 channels. Problem gone. Back to normal.

Hope this helps. I don’t really want those channels back but will be great to see the app working 100% again.

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…just posting to say “me, too”.

I was told on the phone by support that the older Tablo is not a priority. And said when the new app comes out it should work but with the new app you will loose the ability to stream outside your home network and I believe commercial skill will stop working also.

so, not a priority to buy a newer model . can’t trust the support on that as time goes on. if i were to upgrade it would be to a airtv.looking into that , seeing no fees and we also own a hard drive.

Suddenly Hdr with Plex is more and more tempting.