Introducing: Plex Channel for TabloTV

UPDATE: TabloTV Plex Channel Plugin FIRST PUBLIC BETA:

Once plex has added our channel to the plex channel store, public stable releases will be made available via the plex plugin store.  Beta loads, and testing efforts will come from the github.

*** A note to all that have offered to beta test: We still would like your help in beta testing, improving, etc.  However we will now be doing that from the github rather than the google code site I sent to you via email the other day.  I will add all of you to the github to get going.


Yes, you read that right.  @DavidVR an I have been given early access to some of the third party APIs and we have been given permission to build a Plex Channel for TabloTV.  Our goal is to build a channel which allows the TabloTV platform to reach all clients available on plex as well as much functionality as possible: scheduled recordings, deleting recordings, sending watched statuses, etc.)

Currently working:
LiveTV - There are very few if any LiveTV solutions in plex!  Wahoo!!
Recordings - Playback of recordings, with metadata and fanart.

We have a long list of improvements we are going to make, as well as continue to build out.

Thanks to Dave for all of his Amazing work on this.  We are working together on this and while some of my code is used for the base  the majority of the solid base code (playback, livetv, etc) are all his.  Props to him!  ^:)^

The current load time is a bit long, but once things are loaded the channel is quite quick.  We cannot release the code to you all yet, but will do so as soon as we get the big {thumbs up}
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Here are some screenshots, including working DLNA through Plex:

Here are some additional screens from the channel working on android plex app: including CASTING from android plex app to Plex Roku Channel

NICE!!!  Good work guys!  I can’t wait to try this out!

You guys are awesomesauce! Great job and can’t wait to see the final product. 

lol how many of these gifs do you guys have?

We have ALL of them. ALL!!!

Showing things working - No playback in this video, just progress we are making.

Lookin’ good @Pix64

This is awesome! Which versions of PLEX is this going to work on? Roku? Amazon Fire? Other?

@mserabian - Glad you are excited… we are too :slight_smile: As of right now it works on every version I have tested.

- Webui
- Android Plex Pass app
- iOS plex pass app
- Roku Channel
- Plex Home Theater.

Tested and working at this point on the above is Recording playback as well as live tv.

This will make the Tablo so much better (and it’s great already).  My house setup revolves around plex so it will be so awesome.

Glad @DavidVR and I aren’t the only excited ones :slight_smile:

Any ETA on a beta for us interested Plex Pass folks?

I know you guys just started work on this not long ago, but what can I say I’m impatient!!

@mserabian Nice to hear there are other like myself impatient. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we can’t share anything until a few details are ironed out with the code, and most improtantly we get the big thumbs up from @Tablo.

And way to throw the plex pass subscription in there!  :-)

***When we do open it to beta it will in no way at all be tied to plexpass… we will be leveraging users of the tablo community that happen to use plex… no plex pass required.


Recordings Shows/Seasons/Episodes
Recordings - Big List of most recently recorded first

playback on all working GREAT!

new video of Plex Webui and Plex HT client(s):

new video of ios plex client:

I am happy to take more videos showing different clients or any other features you may want:
- “casting” to chromecast or roku(s) or any other plex clients for that matter
- android app on a tablet
- android app on nexus 5
- ios app (ipad or iphone)
- roku
- plex HT
- window/linux/mac
- itll be tricky but i can get it on a Samsung SmartTV 
   - possibly an LG smart TV also

I would love to test for you. Xbmc,plex,samsung,ipad and roku3.
Do you expect tablo approval before end of a June?

Also available to beta test for you. I have access to five different Plex client frontends:

Windows 8.1 App
Windows Phone
Android / Google TV
Rasplex on Debian 7
iOS 7

I’m also trying to get into the beta for XBoc One Plex app but channel support is not yet confirmed.

Thanks @Vikinge and @Keith.

As of right now @Tablo has working copies of the initial beta code and are reviewing it / offering suggestions.  I have no information at this point to share on when exactly we will be releasing it for the public.

@DavidVR and I have a few more minor kinks to work out as well as some features we would like to add prior to release.  Everything is working really well though and its pretty awesome.  Just for fun, last night we watched a LiveTV stream on a Roku 3 via the plex Tablo Channel.  its pretty impressive in my opinion how well it works.

The Tablo team wanted to try and have something for end of June, but thats not to say it will be released… they just wanted to have the code for something else they have going on.

Hopefully we can give you more details and open it up for beta testers soon.