Internet speed needed to use tablo effectively

I just purchased app tablo Dual 2-Tuner and I need to know what high speed Internet speed he would need to operate this system effectively. I do not have the highest speed of Internet but one of the lower ones which works fine for me even for streaming at this time. But in order to use the DVR what speed of Internet would be the minimum I could use?

The Tablo using local storage, like hard drives, mostly require access to the Internet for downloading Live TV guide data, which is performs nightly, and firmware updates, which average once every several months.

It’ll be interesting to see what @TabloTV says what minimum Internet speed is required.

You are watching TV or recording TV OTA and streaming it over your own LAN. So the question might be how fast is your in home wireless or ethernet connections.

Other than guide updates and firmware downloads, the Tablo can operate with internet offline. I have done so during storm related internet outages.

The best I have available is DSL at 6.144/0.896 Mbps from Centurylink. I have had my Tablo for over 4.5 yrs and have had no problems with internet speed. ( Except when the CL source goes down). Now I have never set up remote viewing and that is another problem if you have low speed
DSL. We record about 15-20 shows/movies a week and watch most of them within a week. Have a 2TB Seagate portable drive that is always about 3/4 full. I can also watch Netflix or Amazon shows while she watches her shows on Tablo with no problems. Hope this helps.

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My Dual Lite has the option of cloud storage if started without an external drive attached…

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To use the Tablo for home use, your internet speed is irrelevant. The Tablo will download guide updates every day (around 2 AM), and there will be firmware updates every few months, but all your Tablo use will based on the speeds of your internal network.

To use Tablo Connect (to remotely connect), you would need at least a 1 Mbps UPLOAD speed, and the bigger, the better.

Also, the new Commercial skip feature both sends and receives Tablo data to a Tablo server in the cloud, so your speed may be important, as well as any data caps.

Tablo Dual Lite has this option…

irrelevant? Technically bandwidth != speed, but for home use… isn’t it close enough?

If you have a hard drive like almost everyone, then your internet speed is irrelevant. I am not sure what the minimum suggested speed is for the cloud DVR.

I hope the Tablo Community practices diversity and inclusivity - not everybody is like almost everyone.

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Tablo only uses internet to download guide and streaming away from home. Most of the time is INTRANET, meaning your home network. I recommend a 802.11AC router. Older tablos do not connect at that speed, but Roku and AppleTV do. The new Tablo Quad coming in March DOES connect at that speed.

I don’t know the effective download speed for using the cloud storage option, maybe @TabloSupport or @TabloTV could chime in on this one. I would think if you can stream netflix/hulu/etc…you should be fine.

Personally, I would be wary of the data cap of your ISP (I have a 1 TB data cap with ATT). If you go over that data cap, you will start to incur charges. Those charges could effectively pay for an USB HDD if you go over the data cap on a monthly basis.

An upload/download speed of at least 5 Mbps is recommended for Tablo Cloud. The upcoming commercial skip feature should be lower since the amount of data it’s sending is lower and because it’s a ‘queued’ process vs. a real-time process for recording/watching.

If you’re not using cloud and don’t really care about out-of-home streaming you can still enjoy Tablo with pretty slow external internet speed.

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I don’t completely discount this, but blanket statement can be a vaguely misleading… (I’d bet AC is pretty much standard any more.) The new Tablo Quad also has a gigabit ethernet port - what’s wrong with that?
Network topology should be thought out, knowing what current needs are and planned for future devices and re-organization.

I would suspect that the Roku Express, Express+, Premiere, and Prmiere+ don’t support AC.

Uncancelling AOL dial-up service…

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I was surprised tablo didn’t already support AC, being a multi-media steaming device. (I have wired network when ever possible). As far as routers go, just looking around quickly looks like you’ll most likely end up with an AC if you’re getting a new one.

There’s more to it than just speed as with b > g > n specs.

You mean when 802.11ac describes the purpose of the standard as to provide the feature foundations to support high throughput of the 5 Ghz band, there is something more to 802.11ac that couldn’t be implemented in devices and routers that didn’t support 802.11ac?

15 or 20 down will be plenty for internet speed. Most people that have problems is with Their netWORK. The new Tablo does support the fastest both wired and wireless. If you do wired, I surrest cat-6. Alsoit would hel if your router also supported gigabit.

The new 2018 Roku Premiere+ Model 3921 is Single-Band Wireless N 2.4 GHz only. Slow for local streaming of HD content say at 10-20 Mbps.

The old (and better IMO) 2016 Roku Premiere+ Model 4630 is Dual-Band Wireless AC 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

So yes Roku took 2 steps backward in 2018:

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking… yes the 802.11 specs describe the purpose of the different standards as far as I understand. It’s an IEEE thing. I understand AC to have provisions for multiple users and technologies to support multimedia specifically.

Since it can be implemented in routers, I suspect the possibility exist for it to be implemented in devices… whether or not it’s practical or cost effective I couldn’t say.