Installing Tablo lite on terrace in a waterproof bag getting hot

I can get 61 channels in the bedroom however, channels like 4.1 are cbs here in Miami Beach

and 6.1 is NBC, those no problems once I setup in bedroom on a high shelf and keep

my android tv off, and it is connected to hdmi on wall mounted TCL roku tv.

The problem is when I want to record a game on 7.1 Fox or 10.1 ABC, those I have to

readjust the antennae.

So in order to recorder say a game on 4.1 and then a game on 7.1, I wont be able to get

good reception for both at the same time?

Any solutions to this without me having to buy another Tablo and setting that for 4.1 and use this

with the adjusted antannae for 7.1?

I also need to know if it is dangerous to put the Tablo and connected hdd in a waterproof bag and

install it on the terrace next to the bedroom.

With that I can get a waterproof outdoor expensive antannae that I can hang

on the ceiling of the terrace, giving me less interference than the way I have it now?

when I tried on the terrace in plastic bag and the rabbit ears I got

good reception, better than inside however

the devices were overheating and I had to bring it back inside the house.

Can you tell me will the devices overheat and break if covered up

and made water resistant to whatever comes on the terrace in Miami Beach Fl?

thanks in advance


What about a longer cable… it you feel this is your only option?

It sounds like you’re looking to put a band-aid on a broken bone. That’s to say, your problem isn’t the need to move things around - you need an antenna capable of receiving as many and as much of available signals available to you - in a single fixed location!

You need an antenna! Rabbit ears aren’t necessarily bad - if they suit your needs. Sounds like they’re not doing it for you. Can you really keep track of your recordings and move the antenna accordingly? and you’ll eventually have a conflict.

Your tablo needs ventilation! - it’s not designed or intended to be moved around, although you could, that’s why it works with so many devices.

It WILL overheat if you put it in a waterproof bag. It’s not intended or designed to be out in the weather.


You need to put the Tablo inside. If you need to run a cable to the antenna outside, you can go through a door or window using one of these (or similar):


Yes I understand, I am stuck with this situation, I tried every indoor Antenna and have same situation, they need to be adjusted for those channels. Running from outside is better, but I can’t go through terrace wall or the sliding glass door from terrace to unit inside. Thanks

Hopefully that fancy through the door/window cable works – another extreme option - second tablo :wink:

Gook luck, I hope you can find a fix to remedy your situation… definitely seem to be determined!

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Exactly what I was thinking, a second tablo would work for the other two major channels,
Thanks since the sliding glass door needs to be completely closed to keep the mosquitoes out and the cool air in.I could get some one to drill through the brick wall and hang that expensive plastic outdoor Antenna but the cost of drilling and that expensive Antenna, would be less expensive to get refurbished Tablo lite, since I have another 4 tb Seagate HDD

I used one of those in a rental apartment to get a satellite TV signal from the balcony inside. It worked pretty well. And I’m in Florida too, so I needed to close the door completely as well.

Thank you, I am definitely going to order one today and try it with that Antenna, will keep you informed.

You can combine 2 antenna signals with one of these.

Two Heavy Duty Diplexer 2 Way Splitters Satellite Cable TV Dish Approved

On second thought, this is a better choice.

CHANNEL PLUS 2532 2-Way Splitter/Combiner CHANNEL PLUS 2532

Thanks I am not sure how two antennas split on one tablo lite is going to work?

most likely it only see a single antenna. Unless you have large antenna, amplified antenna, or strong signals, like “over driving” the signal, it neither know nor cares.

You point one antenna until it gets the best reception from the towers in one direction, then you point the other antenna to get the signals from the towers in the other direction.

This is what I am using and I get channels that are 75 miles away. I watched the superbowl on a station that was that far away last night. It is actually 2 antennas that are combined.

With the antenna you have though, the “other” direction can only by 60 degrees apart from the first direction / antenna?

Not exactly. With my antenna I can pickup over 50 stations in the Triad area of NC. Since there are two identical arrays on my antenna I am getting a 120° reception. There is a wingnut that you can loosen and point half of the antenna in a second direction for an additional 60°. I am picking up broadcasts from antennas to the south and antennas almost due north with my antenna folded in the middle. So 60° to the south and 60° to the north north west.

I also am using an LTE filter to prevent interference from cell phone transmissions and a winegard preamp mounted on the antenna mast. I am using a chimney mount and 10 feet of mast to get the antenna about 30 feet in the air.

When selecting an antenna one must make some educated guesses as to the best antenna to use but real world testing is the only way to find out if a particular antenna will recieve the channels one wishes to recieve.

There are apps for your smart phone which will show you where the towers are in relation to your house. I highly recommend you try them.

I just installed a second antenna yesterday and used the CHANNEL PLUS 2532 2-Way Splitter/Combiner CHANNEL PLUS 2532. Works perfectly so far.

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This was my setup with that antenna (2 of them). Had problems with HI VHF so eventually changed to two different antennas. But this setup otherwise worked excellent. The bays on the right all aimed north and left ones, south.


That kind of looks like a sail, is that way there’s a wind gauge on the top?

Really, looks like it’s anchored into the roof. Doesn’t that collect a lot of wind, despite being mostly cross rods?

2 of them? It looks like one piece. It appears there’s at least 2 connections, maybe 4. Do they collect to the device at the bottom and it that part of or included with the antenna?
And what’s that at the very bottom? (just wonder’n)