Ineligible for Commercial Skip

This is one place Nuvyyo did a good job confusing people. The old 4 tuner is not a Tablo Quad. It’s just a Tablo 4 tuner. Only the new 4 tuner is marketed under the name Quad.

I have the old 4 tuner just like you and I assure you commercial skip does work. Keep in mind however it’s a beta. You should familiarize yourself with the details to get the most out of this feature. The guide is in the post above and it should help.

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Well I must be missing something. Am enclosing a screen shot of my Tablo (4-tuner) setup screen where I should find an option for commercial skipping. I don’t see it using my Firefox browser.

Once you’ve received and installed the 2.2.26 updateon your Tablo DVR, Automatic Commercial Skip detection can be enabled and disabled globally via the settings screen

Pertinent snipet…
Automatic Commercial Skip detection can be enabled and disabled globally via the settings screen and enjoyed on following Tablo apps:

You can only activate and deactivate commercial skipping on your TV connected devices, so that setting won’t show up on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Thanks for that clarification. I have a roku stick, will see if I can implement this feature.


how many RTFM post are needed?? between here and the firmware topic… I lost count

Hi, just sort of figured how to use my 4 tuner Tablo. In the setup I selected the option for commercial skip. All the major programs I record have to be manually set due to “no guide information”. So my question is (does the auto skip, only skip major network channels and, only prime time. I just switched from Tivo to tablo because the only commercial skip tivo was Wheel of fortune. I have to record Wheel of Fortune manually due to guide having no info. Took me a year to get Tivo support to do what needed done for the guide information. I recorded three programs so far, first was on PBS, second was Wheel of Fortune, third the Carol Burnett show. I now know that PBS, and the manual recording doesn’t skip, and I’m guessing not prime time, or network also have no skip. So have I jumped from the frying pan into the fire? At least with Tivo I had skip on one program. Maybe sports are?

Have you touched base with support regarding this? (

We can usually get the right data added by placing a ticket with our guide provider.

Unfortunately, manual recordings are not eligible for Automatic Commercial Skip so we’ll have to tackle your guide problem first.