I'm so happy That I got Tivo and Returned my Tablo (old thread)

I’m so happy that I went with Tivo.
I wasn’t here for long time and just dropped in to see if the problem stopped but what I can see that the user still have a problem with Tablo. I just wonder how many there is that fill sorry that got Tablo and not red all my problems with it…

To others I hope you enjoy the problems you have…

Aw, so nice of you to drop by!
Did you eat the cookies, and milk we left you?
Thanks for the present!

What problem were you having with the Tablo?

And how much did the Tivo setup run you? Say you want to watch on 3 different TVs.

Such a constructive and informational post that it sure to help others in the future. /s

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Just a drive-by troll.

They have probably moved onto another forum.


I’ve had my 4-tuner Tablo since October 2014 humming along just fine with only a couple minor issues very early on which have been resolved by Tablo Support. Sure, I can make fried eggs on it but other than that it just works.

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Over Heating (Originally I Return for Exchange because of that), Lost Connections, Waiting for channels to show up, Going from one channel to another wasn’t that easy like going channel up or down, Shot down for no reason. Very weak signal not all channels will pull in. (Antenna on TV had no problem).
I use a Nvidia TV, And Android Box. To watch on others TV with the App.
So if someone will say that they don’t have a problem they are laying. Because I had my first box with the same problem as the second one. And I did purchased 4 Tuner box so it wasn’t that cheap $300.00.

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Yes I did after I got my TIVO and now I don’t have any problem with it.

Glad your Tablo is no longer experiencing problems after getting your Tivo.

Ain’t the English language great!


Yes if you will look at older post you would find out how much problem there was.
I was trying to let a NEW users to know how much problem they will have… But a lot of them they lie about that they did not had any problem for 4 or so years… And then you read all those problems that others have…

You right about that. It is hunted.

I’m glad that you are one of them that would put user in wrong road to happiness.
If you want to be funny you are not.

Hmmm… thought that was pretty funny. Oh well.


You called me out… I was gone’a lie about not having problems for 4 years. Now I’ll cut it back to 2 - you’re a doo-duu head for mess’n up my lie’in plans :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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But I problem me won’t you Tablo that. And yeah I “fill” sorry that got Tablo you do. Me too! From what I “red” to Tivo you get. Great.


I had a Tivo and it was nothing but a headache. Tablo, on the other hand, haven’t had any issues since I purchased it. No overheating, no connection problems, no issues with channel changing or signal. It sucks you had problems, but, the majority of users have no problems that can’t be addressed or solved. The funny thing about online forums is that people tend to go to them when they have problems, not when things are going great.


I just came back here today to see if Tablo fix all the problems That I had but looking at all the massages I can see that the problem is still the same. Loosing Connection, Weak Signal, Missing recordings, Disconnecting and so on. I payed for TiVo Roamio $299.00 after $100.00 that Tivo it self had for sale. That includes 4 Tuners, 1 TB Hard drive and Life Time Subscription. And all my problems are gone.
But a can see that some they are like mules and will not look on alternative solution. With Tivo I don’t have to wait for channel to come out after 30 seconds and then if I need to change channel then you have to get out go to guide select the channel and wait again 30 seconds for it to show up.

But if you like to enjoy that setup then fine with me but if you smart then look at other solution.

TWO YEARS and the problem is still there with the Tablo while I’m enjoying with out any problems and no aggravation that you have.

Good luck to all and Happy Holidays.

You full of it… Just like I said before. You are one of them that will not except that there is a problem… Read massages here and explain the problems that other user have…

I think I definitely need more “massages” after all that politeness.