I'm so happy That I got Tivo and Returned my Tablo (old thread)


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Just for an n = 1, I’ve had my Tablo since May 2014 and I’ve had no issues. No missed recordings, at least 1000 of them. Remote playback works well.


And a good time has been had by all. To all, including Brother Joseph, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We await Joseph Bejm’s annual visit in 2019, 2020, 2021 and beyond.


To each his own. I switched from Tivo to Tablo and have enjoyed the experience much more. Tivo IS a little easier on the user, but it brings its own set of issues. I have had Tivos for many years (still have one) and since Rovio took over, Tivo has gone downhill.

On the flip side, when Tablo launched, I tried it and didn’t like it. The signal was weak, the interface was clunky, it just wasn’t enjoyable. BUT nowadays, it has a better tuner, the interface is much better and I have enjoyed my time with it now. Much more than Tivo as of now.

I hope Tivo works for you. You seem to have come here to rant and expect no negative response from that action. That’s pretty naive and the people here who DO like Tablo will certainly defend it. This isn’t a ranting forum, it’s a help forum for users. Move along and don’t be such a troll.


You can say I’m full of it all you want, but I and many others here have had zero issues with Tablo. I’m one of those people that does speak up when there is a problem, just like I will speak up to defend a product that I have not had problems with. I was all over Tivo forums with my issues… maybe you should heed my warnings about Tivo.


I moved from TIVO (9 years with TIVO) to Tablo - it was fun with TIVO in the beginning, but as my quest for ‘watching recorded shows in more than one spot’ grew, Tablo was on my radar for a while. TIVO finally died, I ordered the Tablo the next day! I love the Tablo. I am even able to transfer recorded shows to my laptop and watch without having to connect to the Tablo via the Internet. That feature was available with TIVO, but took it away, and then started the monkey business of the individual ‘mini’ boxes - was not happy about that - that was the end of line for TIVO and my business with them, for that reason alone. Tablo lets me connect on ALL my devices from anywhere! No extra hardware needed, just use the devices you already have - very smart!


Brother Bejm has turned this into a testimonial service… In 2019 he shall return for another revival.


I thought it might be called rumination.


Yes, Tablo has had issues. But, if you want to watch recorded OTA over multiple devices, it is the best device. If you only watch recorded OTA on one device, maybe something is better. But for my needs, Tablo is it.


straight up TV?

I admit it’s not ideal, but I agree, it does what I need with no real problems… but like that guy says, I might be lying and just don’t want to let anyone know how many problems I actually have with it.


Glad you are happy with your alternative … life is too short to have problems and have to live with them… we are all lucky in this day and age to have the luxury of choices in our DVR OTA television needs.

For what its worth ive had my tablo 3 years and never had any problems that weren’t self induced (i.e. knocking off the hard drive onto the floor, etc) … I have always found tablo’s tech support helpful and friendly for a few questions I had… and the management is responsive and likes to actually talk directly with their customers (something exceptionally rare these days when most companies hide behind foreign call centers, and voice/chat “bots” ) … Its kinda refreshing to know the actual creators and staff responsible for bringing this tech to you actually wants to converse with you and their other customers… thats the difference.


The other thing about Tivo is that a Roku/FireTV stick, whatever, will run circles around it when it comes to apps. Tivo should be ashamed of that. Tivo has a good interface and it is better for a novice, however, you will pay dearly for that. There aren’t that many complete novices anymore, most have become accustomed to using a box like FireTV.


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Is tivo better than tablo? There’s a tivo forum I found & seems like a lot of people complaining about it. I don’t have much to do with the antenna world or tv in general, looks like I’m in the right camp?


I think you are. Is Tablo perfect? No, but Nuvyyo treats its customers well, offering constant improvements and the entire community is very helpful to one another.


Yes it is better. A 100%
I don’t have a single problem with the TIVO.
The Viewing, Recording and all other stuff. Plus the Apps that has like youtube, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, plus other Apps. Let see if Diablo has that. Plus Skip commercials, Bookmarks, Restore deleted shows if you want to and other stuff that Diablo will never have.
Who ever says that Diablo is The best they never used TIVO. Or they used 10 years ago.
I got nothing to say except I love my TIVO and I say I’m glad I had the chance to return and not being stuck with it and then say how wonderful the Diablo is.


Is this a Freudian slip of some type?

Good thing this isn’t the Diablo forums. :wink:

Glad to hear you have found a solution that works for you.


But I can get all the streaming things I need from an xbox one plus my fire stick. So those aren’t helpful to me. It looks like I can’t see my tv in every room like I can with tablo unless I buy a whole bunch of other boxes.


Same thing. You can use TIVO app and put an Android box. The problem is that users don’t check what TIVO can do. Like I said in other posts how much problem I had and for $300.00 I could not see my self going with all the problems.
I have a MINI’s because they act like regular boxes and I don’t have to load any other system then load app and going with all the problems that Diablo has like disconnecting, crashing, slow loading channels, Going from channel to channel is a nightmare on Diablo. But if that what Diablo users like then I’m happy for them.


Since when has TIVO had an Android app? When I bought my Tablo in May 2014, it certainly did not.