Im so confused does teh TAblo 4 work for a pc

I have a tv im going to connect to but i have my computer in the other room which i want watch on the pc.
So basicly i want to watch tv on my pc.
I see some say yes some say no. Before i buy this i need to know if it works for the computer also via a https or app.

I have windows 11.


The legacy unit is designed for streaming on any format by transcoding the native MPEG2 data to H.264 on the fly. The big advantages are that format can be used by pretty much any playback device and it uses less space than native data. The main disadvantages are that only one audio stream can be transcoded (and sometimes it picks up Spanish instead of English) and picture quality can be worse, especially with sports on 1080i channels.

The 4th gen is an extension of the HDMI Tablo and records in native MPEG2. The big advantages are picture quality of sports and (I think) all the audio streams are recorded. I need to test this, but I would think turning surround sound on or off should only affect the device used rather than the recording. The big disadvantages are that a lot of devices weren’t meant to play back native MPEG2 data. The developers have had to use other tools to get it to work on mobile devices and AppleTv, and they don’t have a PC solution.

I hope that helps.


This is a decent work around for the Gen4.


oh-yeahhh BlueStaaaaks… forgot all about…

Up and running on windows 11 PC… TabloTv 4gen, so happy!

Thanks KimchiGUN😃

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