BlueStacks With 4th GenTablo APP

I read in a post from @zippy that he used blue stacks with the Tablo APP.

Been chatting it up with @269587 we both were wondering how well it worked. So, here we go!

Installed BlueStacks Windows Installer from the site:

Use google play store to search for app.


Download the Tablo Legacy APK from here (if needed):

Tablo: Gen 4 Tablo

PC: Dual Socket Xenon 16 cores, 64GB of RAM, Nvidia Quadro M5000

Both devices are hardwired into my network.

Here are my BlueStacks Settings:

So far so good!

I know my PC is overkill for this and most users will not have my setup. You can do the math on my stats and run a comparison to yours. To see if it will work!


The show is recorded and being played back. The APP auto rotates with in live/playback mode.


I was able to get the 4th gen Tablo TV app up and running on a win11 partition on a 2015 MacBook Air. Played very well, but the sound was very low on every recording. No OTA tuners available at the time, but FAST played just fine and there were no issues with recordings.


Thought I’d give this a try though I’m far from experienced in the tech dept. I’m using a 4th gen 2 tuner Tablo. Loaded BlueStacks on a Samsung laptop running Windows 11 on an i5 Pentium. Then loaded Amazon app store but could not find the 4th genTablo app. Downloaded the Tablo apk from another location. Right clicked the apk and choose open with BlueStacks and it’s working. Both OTA viewing and recording work well. I also used a program I already had installed on the PC, Audials, to record an OTA program and a previously recorded Tablo show to be able to save them on my laptop. Audials just records whatever is on the screen.

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I just ran with the google play store that was quickly accessible in the blue stacks app. The Tablo 4th gen app was the first thing to pop up in the search.

I tested Live TV earlier and it worked just as well as any recording I played.

Glad people are trying this and having success! It’s not perfect, but it’ll work if you’re not sitting in front of your TV and don’t want to stare at a 5 inch screen.

Still working through FydeOS – the google play store downloaded the mobile app and didn’t fullscreen like blue stacks did. It was still in the portrait mode view… maybe in a few days I’ll try to find the appropriate apk (perhaps the androidTV one).

What made you go with the Amazon App Store? Interesting choice!

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That was suggested in a reddit forum discussing this topic. It seems to me I looked in the Microsoft store and saw the Legacy app, but just didn’t think to try the Google play store even though that’s where I got the app for my tablet.

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This is also my setup. Bluestack to run the tablo 4th gen, and then use OBD to record or pull out what ever show i want to keep. OBD has an output timer, so it will only record set amount of time. I dont have to baby sit it and can run it before i go to bed.


I installed Bluestacks on my Laptop and Tablo Geb 4 app, It would connect to my Tablo but when I would try to play live or recorded shows it would just have a black screen and the start triangle but would not play show. I installed LDplayer 9 and it worked perfectly and I like the LDPlayer interface better than the Bluestacks interface.