I'm ready to buy the 6 tuner Tablo XL! 😁

Now that I have 63 OTA stations in my area, and more coming later this year, I find that I see recording conflicts more and more often. Who would have thought that a person would ever need to record more than 4 shows at a time, right?!? Particularly during “Season Premier” months like January, August and September, I found myself trying to decide which series to drop from the schedule because I hadn’t had time to catch up on them yet.

I know I could buy another 4 tuner Tablo, but the whole point of recording things is to have them all in one place to choose from. I don’t want to have to go back and forth between them.

I know, literally first-world problems, right? :smile:

Tablo, take my money! Sell me an even better, upgraded, faster, 5.1, 6 tuner Tablo XL :pray:


63 OTA stations without duplication of broadcaster/affiliat? That’s more than I got on the cable package I had.

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Want it all in one place? Extract it into Plex Media Server then everything is located in one nice to use interface. :laughing:

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I have 79 OTA and am ready for Tablo XL :pray:

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For recording purposes, I rarely stray from the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, THE CW, PBS) but on my 4 tuner Tablo, I’ve only come up above the limit on a couple of occasions, and ended up dropping a couple of shows I didn’t really care about anyway. Honestly, I probably watch way too much TV, what with all the OTA shows I get, supplemented by lots of streaming. In fact, many of the series I record end up being used as filler when my main shows go on hiatus, or they end up getting deleted unwatched. I wouldn’t know what to do with a 6 tuner Tablo!

Open a diner.

The heat generated from a 6 tuner tablo could easily be used to make 2 or more grilled cheese sandwiches at the same time.

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I prefer BBQ

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I think you can barbeque on top of the 4 tuner unit (from what I’ve heard). You can at least use it as a warmer.

Unfortunately mine is setting on a laptop cooler and it is as cool as a cucumber.:grinning:

Fried eggs on mine one Saturday morning.

The 4 tuner version is perfect for me.

While we don’t watch much TV, I got a 4 TB drive to start, so the impulse is to record anything you might possibly want to watch in the future to start to fill it up. I certainly did that, flagging season recording for probably 50 different TV shows, plus a few dozen movies. In 2-3 months, I’ve filled about 1/3 of the drive. That’s starting to slow down as some of the shows have recorded almost every episode made, and I start to weed out ones we don’t want. I’ve probably only had 6 scheduling conflicts and none were essential shows.

Mine was hot at first, too, until I put it on a laptop cooling pad. Now it’s cool to the touch.

Are you related to Wally?


Hardware is a commodity business. With a short life cycle it’s almost impossible to recover hardware development costs.

Or as the CEO of Rovi/tivo said:

“The combined company will be looking to partner with set-top box makers
instead of continuing to sell set-top boxes directly to consumers”

With regards to tablo, if you want a 6 tuner you could buy(1 TB disc):

  1. 1 4-tuner ($250 on amazon today) and a 2-tuner. Cost $570

  2. 3 2-tuner. Cost $780

  3. 3 tablo droids. Cost approximately $900

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Plex DVR supports multiple HDHomeRun units so you could buy 3 dual tuner HDHomeRun units for 6 tuners.

The software can manage all 6 tuners at once.

Likely a cheaper option.

I know for a fact that you can build an 8 tuner box for about $600 that does way more than any of these (for those that know how to do such things).

If your $600 is the cost of the components that’s not the real cost for hardware. If it’s the retail costs of various components, costs are recovered based on sales volume over time

For a company like tablo or Tivo, what’s the cost of R&D, engaging a manufacturer like Foxconn, various regulatory certification, spares, inventory, warranty, hardware support, retail chain costs, etc,etc,etc.

I disagree (for too many reasons to list here).

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t been involved with this type of R&D.

As an example, it appears that Nuvyyo, a Canadian company, entered into a vendor agreement with MaxLinear a U.S.A company.

Many times these are business contracts. As such they contain at least three main components: business relationship, technical relationship, and intellectual properties relationship. All parts are negotiated and the contract must pass both Canadian and U.S.A legal rules.

Nuvyyo being a small company may contract out these types of legal services. If they were very lucky it could involve no less then 40 hours of legal work.

Obviously the cost of the product must be able to recover all of these indirect costs.

You’d sorta hope those costs have been recouped a long time ago. But maybe Tablo volume is very small.

My experience is around successful products, but IMHO, some of those were of much smaller volume than Tablo… but of a similar vein, product wise.

Why not just buy another 4 tuner tablo?

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