I received a piece of junk. Anyone else?

This has to be one of the worst larger ticket items I have purchased on Amazon. It seemed to have a few glitches at first then into about the 3 week they became more and more. I worked with a couple of their support folks on fixing the issues. In the end it turns out that this company would either blame Roku for the issues or my network. A little background I have 2 Roku 3’s and the new Roku stick. All of them would have issues with streaming anything kicking back to the channel guide or stuttering video, system spontaneously rebooting, loosing network connection. They alluded to their system not working with the Roku. I cannot believe it’s on my end. I have in the worst of coverage areas 170mbs wi-fi in my house. Maybe that’s not enough for a stable stream causing the Tablo to periodically reboot. I have had over 40 emails with them and worked with them over the phone but they have not been able to solve the issue. I also tried working with Roku but they were no help either. I asked several times to have the system replaced to keep me happy but they denied me every time. If you have been able to get this working reliably consider yourself extremely luck and pray you never need tech support for it. luckily I only bought the annual subscription and not the lifetime. I’m hoping I can sell this to someone else and they’ll have better luck. In the end I signed up for Playstation Vue, it’s a more expensive but worth it. I am so passionate over hating this I will be posting my review on other sites as well. I have never regretted purchasing something as much as this junk.

Sorry to hear that. If Tablo Support couldn’t help you directly I doubt we will be of much help.

I’ve had mine 2 years problem free.


Same here… been working great for a few years …

of course there are a lot of things at play here… i.e. how antique is your wifi router? is the firmware up to date? do you have interference from neighbors, do you have a proper antenna and is it set up correctly/located optimally?.. etc… the list is long and there are a lot of “moving parts” to this new form of streaming digital television, from the OTA antenna end to your home networking environment, equipment and other factors… generally I tell people its not plug-n-play/set-it-and-forget-it . you have to do a bit of work to get things to work optimally… if you have a 5 year old router it probably doesn’t have the internal CPU processing power to handle streaming HD video consistently … Wifi can be easily disrupted with things like LED lighting and microwave ovens…

As far as their tech support i’ve had great personal experience the few times I had to contact them (mostly in regards to testing beta software and a few times to have the tv guide data corrected {which is not their issue but their provider}) and they have been great…

Honestly if this is all too much for you I suggest you return it and find another solution … Life is too short to be upset over a “thing” … hopefully you will find something that works for you and your home environment.


Wonder why people come here to fulminate? As if they want to make those successfully using the Tablo feel badly about it. Their argument is with Nuvyyo management not us. Why not just write their feelings to Nuvyyo? I guess they’re following the old adage (“Anyone else?” he asks), “Misery loves company…” :angry::persevere::tired_face:

This guy says, “We’re lucky.” No, we just worked at it to make an environment in which the Tablo needs to function - just like any gadget or device or mechanism.


After the holy wars here last year, the forum has been fairly quiet the past few months. We need a jolt like this every so often to fuel things. :zap:

Just popped in to say we are new Tablo owners (bought late June) and have had zero issues. Use a Roku 3 and a Shield TV for Tablo for our 2 TVs and both have worked flawlessly.

@Joe_Grosso I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a positive experience so far. If you’re open to it, please send me a PM with your ticket number and/or email address. I’ll take a look at your details with our team personally. I’m sure we can make some changes to improve your experience.

Either there is something wrong out-of-the-box with your particular Tablo, or something in your network setup isn’t playing nice. What you describe isn’t the expected experience, nor my experience over just about 2 years (or many others on this forum).

In your trouble shooting, have you ever tried testing with a fully wired setup (roku wired ethernet, tablo wired ethernet), instead of WiFi?

If not, it would really be worth your trouble to try that and see if the issues go away…

Popping into say that I am a relative new Tablo owner (just over a month with a 4-tuner) and outside of a couple of random reboots, the thing has been working like a champ with all sorts of devices (Roku, Apple TV, Android and iOS).

Other than a minor glitch here and there, Tablo has been performing near flawlessly for me, and when those minor issues crop up, Tablo support has been very helpful.

The key to getting good performance, for me, was as follows:

  1. Direct ethernet connection from Tablo to router.
  2. Ensure up to date software on Tablo and streaming devices (Roku in my case)
  3. Upgrade my router (TP Link Archer C7)
  4. Good antenna, properly aligned and no splitters between Tablo and Antenna (Mine is Channelmaster CM3000 HD)
  5. Use a recommended USB hard drive
  6. Streaming devices on 5 GHz network
  7. Use the recommended Tablo settings for recording (HD720-5Mbps)

The router was key to getting good performance. What worked well for web browsing and email, and even Netflix, Hulu and other OTT streaming sites didn’t quite hack it for Tablo, so I upgraded my old router. Aso, my old antenna, thoughmostly okay, was marginal on a couple of channels, espectally in rainy and or hot weather. I upgraded the antenna as well, and have a really good signal on all channels I wanted to get. I also spent a lot of time choosing a mounting location and orientation for the antenna, using an iterative process to ensure good signal strength on all channels.

One last comment… tho I get Tablo access on my laptop, tablet and phone, I use Roku devices on my 4 television sets (all streaming sticks 3400X & 3500X, the older version) which some claim are underpowered for Tablo. However, mine perform nicely. So much so that I view my Tablo as an appliance and use it almost without having to think about it. I occasionally use a Nexus Player or Chromecast as well, but the Rokus are my primary viewing devices.


As you and others have indicated, it’s not just the Tablo but the complete environment.

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I’ve commented about this before in other threads but could be worth saying again. Could there be something wrong with the latest run of hardware? I remember they were sold out for some time and a new run was due in. Seems to me that a lot of the folks mentioning issues are recent purchases.

Hey Joe! Feelin better now? Can’t wait for your sequel - POJ 2. In the meantime, how can we help you?

Wow I wasn’t expecting such passion in response. In my situation I’ve tried two high end AC routers on 5ghz. Hard wirring isn’t a possibility. Also I don’t have an issue with other streaming services. I do get a very strong antenna signal but also have several issues streaming from the attached drive also issues without the drive.I’m not so much upset with the equipment but the seemingly lack of customer service. I would be happy if I was given the opportunity to exchange it. I was pm’d by support to try them again, which I will. I really did want to make it work. Some of these replies are helpful. Remember when people complain they aren’t always ignorant, only some of the time.

Wow, I have had 0 issues and just started using tablo in June.

I would try direct ethernet connection and see if it works, if that doesn’t work it may be a setting in your router etc…

but I’m sure the tablo people have already gone through this…

You weren’t expecting such “passion in response?” After you came across like a raging bull. Take a look at your own post and YOUR OWN LANGUAGE! You even told us you were going to post your negative review EVERYWHERE you could to get back at Tablo. And now you whimper back with a “maybe they can help?” C’mon this act is all too common and all too predictable…


The rokus do not do 5ghz wireless. Only a Roku 4 currently has that ability. I also had issues ended up relocating my wifi and testing the roku individually with VUDU setup using its band width test. Have no problems since fixing that issue.

I also have the tablo itself hard wired. The best solution is to hard wire all the rokus.

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My Tablo is hardwired just because of location, but all my Roku’s are WiFi without many problems. My WiFI is old G stuff… which while not as “fast”, it tends to travel further (pretty sure). I mean who cares if you can do gigabit on WiFi if you have to be within 5 ft. of the device :slight_smile: (ok, that was an exaggeration).

A little grumpy?

Read your rant lately? C’mon - LOL.