I Need Some Help... PLEASE

I need some help here, Please. I had a TV guy hook up a Fire Cast Box to my system, everything worked but not the way I wanted it to work. After complaining to him about it, he said get the Tablo and it will do what you want. He was supposed to come over and hook it up but just kept stalling so I hooked it up myself. Here’s my problem, When I turn on the TV’s, the system keeps telling me that it has lost connection to the Fire Cast and is not asking me anything about the Tablo. Can I get a hand?

What’s a Fire Cast Box? Do you mean an Amazon FireTV?

Can you describe exactly what hardware you have and how they’re connected (to each other and to your network)?

Thank you FlyingDiver,
I was wrong, it was a FireTV Recast from Amazon. I ave the Table with a 2TB hard drive. The Tablo is connected to the HDTV antenna, the hard drive and the power. I need to have it prompt me for the WiFi, but right now the network is still looking for FireTV which I disconnected. Any ideas, thanks in advance

What device are you trying to use to access the Tablo? A web browser on a computer? A phone? Tablet?

What step in the quick start guide are you stuck at?

None of the above, you have to understand. This guy that hooked up the Fire TV that hasn’t shown up to replace this unit, he just said order the table and just unhook the FireTV and replace it with the Tablo. That’s what I did and don’t know how to get it connected to the network. If you haven’t figured it out… I am technically challenged lol
Thanks so much for your help

Do you have a smart TV, a Roku, Chromecast, or a Fire TV Stick? Is there something connected to your HDMI port on your TV?

“When I turn on the TV’s, the system keeps telling me that it has lost connection to the Fire Cast and is not asking me anything about the Tablo.”

I assume if you want to get rid of the fire recast message you need to deregister the recast from your amazon account. But that won’t add the tablo.

To deregister Fire TV Recast from your Amazon account, go to Manage Your Content and Devices and select Devices. Choose the Actions button for your Fire TV Recast and select Deregister .

I’m sorry, should have told you that. I have Fire Sticks on all my TV’s (5 of them), they all worked with the Fire TV , but could watch the same station at the same time. This what I asked this guy for before I disconnected DTV

Follow the steps in the quick start guide I posted the link to.

BTW, this is the Tablo that I bought: https://www.tablotv.com/products/tablo-4-tuner-ota-dvr/

Go to youtube lots of visual on how to set up the Tablo

You didn’t say if the tablo is connected via WiFi or wired.

Most people use a WEB browserapp to configure the tablo.

Then you have to add the tablo app to your fire sticks. There are two apps but you only need one. Most people use the preview tablo app.

Once the tablo is configured add the preview tablo fire stick app to one stick and make sure you have it working.

Thanks Zippy



Start with what/who is “a TV guy”, and where/how did you contact this person.

“get the Tablo and it will do what you want.” what is it they want… before going through all this, and it doesn’t full their needs. Mabye this TV guy didn’t know a 2nd time.

If for any reason de-registering the Recast from your account does not work, try factory resetting the Fire Stick(s) - they may be stuck on trying to find the Recast, and somehow have it registered as connected to the Fire Stick separately from your account. Worst case you have to set up the Fire Stick again. (This is assuming that you aren’t using a smart/Fire TV, as some first suggested and I thought of too, but are using a Fire Stick connected to your TV’s HDMI port to communicate with the Recast and now the Tablo.)

Good luck.


Often changes that you make to your Amazon account settings don’t dribble down to the Fore TV stick as fast as Amazon would like to make you think.

But just going to the Fire TV Stick/ My Fire TV and rebooting ususally picks up changes. It should be an easy way to check if the recast is deregistered.

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Thanks again

What do you want the Tablo to do exactly that the Amazon Fire TV Recast cannot do?


Watch the same program on more than 2 TV’s at a time. Amazon Fire Cast allows you only 2, I’m told that Tablo up to 4.