I must have a defective Tablo

I am on day 28 and the first week or so things were great. But lately I am having problems after problems.

First was the issue with recordings being split when my router was rebooted

Then randomly I would lose channels saying “poor reception” but if I reboot Tablo those channels come back (for maybe 24 hours). I am now having to reboot my Tablo every 24 hours just to make sure all the channels work.

Today I tried to watch live TV and nothing. I got the “no tuner available” message on every channel yet nothing was recording at the time and no one else was watching TV. I rebooted Tablo in hopes to fix it, but nope and it was roughly 5 minutes until a recording is supposed to start. So then I disconnected everything. Power, hard drive, network and let it sit them for 2 minutes. Plugged it back in and a couple of channels came back on but the one channel that was going to record a show did not come back. So that recording failed.

Reading posts here and I see people that have similar issues as me and then there are people that seem to have no problems at all. Is this a quality control thing? Are some just defective?

Well, I have until August 31st to return Tablo for a full refund (Amazon) and the way things are going with this Tablo, I am not keeping it. I have order a 2nd Tablo from Amazon and I should have it by Wednesday which gives me just enough time to return my current one. If my 2nd one has the same issues I will have to give up and consider Tablo a lost cause.

Another pain point: For some reason Tablo 2 Tuner is now $220 on Amazon but the first one I bought was $190. Not sure what cause the $30 price increase but hopefully this means this one will be a good unit.

Tagging @TabloSupport for visibility

Perhaps it’s the new 2 tuner model? Also, from time to time, there are refurbs for sale.

It is the same one I got last time. I checked my old order and it said new not refurb.

If you’re already in the process of returning the original unit, let us know the MAC address of the second unit and we can monitor its progress as soon as it comes online. If you have any issues - similar or different ones, we can take a look at it right away.

Should be here tomorrow.

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My new Tablo is here, up and running. Of course it is working but lets see what the next few weeks holds.

Nice thing is I was able to transfer everything over. All my settings scheduled recordings, etc.

Well, my second tablo seems to be working just fine.