On 2nd Tablo. So far so good

I have to admit I was ready to give up on Tablo. You can see the issues I was having in these threads.

Issues from recordings not being complete, tuner not being available even though no one was watching and no recordings were happening, needing daily reboots or I would lose channels, to so much buffering it made it a pain to watch TV.

I decided to give Tablo another shot thinking that it might be possible I had a defective unit. Returned my first one and picked up another. I am currently on day 18 on my second unit and I am happy to report I have not experienced any of the prior issues. I have even tried to recreate the issues and still works as expected.

I have not experience any channel lost and have not needed to reboot it daily.
I can reboot my router as many times as I want and does not affect any recordings.
I don’t recall any buffering watching any live TV channels.

My theory is my first Tablo unit was defective and this second one works. So far I am happy.

My fingers are crossed for you.