I have an SSD to use, Oh and about network switches

Hi all, first newb post/question,
Just received my new Tablo Quad and will be install soon. I have an older Samsung 470 series 128 GB drive and was wondering if any of you experts see any problems using this drive in the SATA slot of my quad?
Also I have a LAN cable coming from my router to my ROKU Ultra and would like to use a network switch to cpnnect both the ROKU and the Tablo to and I was also wanting some comments about this, if you please, Thank

that’s how networking works.

If you’re a watch and delete user/hosehold… Depends how much recording and archiving you want. The Tablo Dual comes with 128 GB onboard storage, so “they” consider it adequate in some situations.
It’s more of a personal choice.

Thanks for your reply, Would like to know of any issues with that particular drive make and/or model.
Also any ones experience and/or issues using a switch with a Tablo.

I have my Tablos connected to a just a standard 8 port switch, and the switch is connected to my router via MOCA adapters (my router is downstairs and my Tablo is upstairs). I don’t have any issues at all.

It’s still my understanding that’s how networking… works. I have each of my tablos connected to separate switches each then connect to my router. As network topology goes, it works as expected – no issues.

Tablo has a list of recommended drives - https://www.tablotv.com/setup-networking/#harddrive
Here’s another good read.

Many users here go “off label” if you will and have had no problems. I interpret the “not supported” meaning - if you have problems don’t come to us. My experience, drives are drives (ok, some have more distinct purposes/uses than others). An SATA to USB interface, is just that.

I have my WD 320 Blue drives in external enclosures I got from ebay for like some $30 total and it’s been working flawlessly for almost a year. (actually got 2, when I got my second tablo I wanted them to match).

But as far as recommending, I pass along tablo’s info and share my experience… your mileage may vary.
It’s hard to say what a specific used drive is going to do, then have someone claim - “but you said it would be ok” --ain’t nobody gonn’a want that :grey_exclamation:

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I use multiple tablos, roku, and hdhomerun via a switch connected to my router via powerline.

Works great. One area to watch is power failure. On most OS’s there is a difference between if the physical ethernet link is up on boot or it comes up after boot.

On some cases if the switch and tablo boots up before the router the UDP DHCP discovery request disappears into the vapor. While Roku and hdhomerun are good about special casing retry requests, tablo appears delay DHCP discover requests. Thus the unit is inaccessible until tablo obtains an IP address.

It’s easy to fix by either a tablo reboot or re-plugging in the ethernet cable.

Couldn’t this same scenario occur regardless of a switch in place? I see a switch may add another piece, and more than an unmanaged device.

Everything is up long before my router gets going. Although I do see it connecting via my router, there may be a day I try to access it too soon… now I know why I can’t.

My house had old coax outside so I rewired everything through my crawl space for my needs and added a LAN cable. TV is in the den, cable modem and router are in the back room, NetGear N600 router and have a NetGear 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch to use Thanks for letting me know how it’s going snowcat
I haven’t driven a snowcat in 30 some years Steamboat

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Thanks for the 411 djk44883 I’ll kook into this in a few

Nice to know zippy I’ll try to keep that in mind after the next outage, or look this back up. Good to know using a switch is looking like a non issue.

If your DHCP server is on ISP router and the telco went down then ISP router boot time can be longer. If the DHCP is on your router boot time can be faster.

Powerline adapters also boot. and since the link between the switch and the power line adapter(s) may not be up the tablo side link may not be up, etc.

No Mention of Samsung SSDs here but I know they make quality drives, they’re extensively used in DAW PCs video editing and gaming, not many will use anything else. I think I’ll just pop it in there with out thinking about it.

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Ah found 1, this guy was having problems with his1TB baracuda and replaced it with his Samsung 250 GB SSD, said it works fine.

Here’s my network. The cable modem and router are in my living room. Connected to it is a 4 port switch. Connected to the switch are my VoIP phone system, a Roku Ultra and an Ethernet cable that goes to a wall jack. From the wall jack, cabling goes down into the basement and runs a total of about 40 feet to an 8 port switch. Connected to that switch is my weather station server, another Roku Ultra, the Tablo and my NAS. Everything works smoothly with pretty much no issues. I’ll bet I can go a year or more without restarting anything. Well except for the router which may need a few restarts a year. I can’t remember the last time I had to restart Tablo to fix a problem. My original two tuner Tablo is 5.5 years old now. Its hard drive is an 8 year old 1tb, Fantom Drives drive.

Oh I just figured out how to do quotes, weird forum software, Um, ISP cable comes in through rim joist at the back of house to 2 way split in crawl space one goes to keystone wall jack in back room to Modem to router. One LAN line from router goes back to keystone wall jack back to join other coax cable from 2 way split. LAN and coax go to keystone wall jack in den front of house sat and HD OTA antennas also hooked to wall jack. This setup gives me options if needed. LAN will go to NetGear 5-Port Switch where the ROKU is now so both the ROKU and Tablo can connect. Tablo needs a drive and I have a Samsung SSD 128 GB to use, no archiving jusr play and delete.

This is what I thought at first when I started with Tablo in May 2014, started with a 200 GB spare drive, then upgrade to another 320 GB spare drive, and then finally bought a 1 TB drive. And now my 1 TB drive is full lol I should have just done 2-4 TB and never have to worry about it.


I agree with @theuser86, get a little bigger drive than you’ll think you need. I am running a WD 2tb SSD - extra space is nice and will probably help the SSD last longer.

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yea, I’ll probably get a bigger drive but don’t know why you guys are so stuck on WD. I mean yea if I want a spinner I’m WD all the way and don’t talk to me about Seagate, I’ve had nothing but failure after failure with those drives. When it comes to SSDs Samsung is top of the line with ADATA and Crucial not far behind. Anyways right now my budget is really tight so I’ll have to stick with what I have.

I’ve got several SanDisk going trouble free for, I don’t know how long. But these are 16, 32c and 128GB captivity primarily for the OS and quick boot time. Storage, just been successful with WD.

(Virtually all drives and PC parts come used from eBay - cheap, and they’re still working. Couple hiccups over the long run)

@throbert I was going to get a Samsung SSD but I found this WD SSD (used) on eBay for a good price. Been working fine so far (for about a year and a half), but I agree with you - Samsung is the way to go for SSDs.