I guess I must sadly say farewell to my Tablo [SOLVED]


@jimsoldies Can you get 10.5 from your location? After installing the Antop AT400BV I can finally get that low power Winter Park station that carries NewsNet 24 hour news.

If you are in the The Villages area I don’t think you can get that.


No, I have antennas direct 4 max with amp. That station does not come up , not even with weak signal strength.


Yes, were in 32162, villages. after much research found that antenna with the reflector and added the amp that they sell, plus a good installer helps. some installers don’t know what there doing. antennas direct web site shows the channel list.


Cool success story here. My new residence’s HOA allows minimum-necessary-size antennas but seems everyone has satellite - zero OTA antennas are visible. I plan to remove the satellite dish and use indoor/attic antenna. Currently testing 7 foot CM4248 YAGI in my home office/mancave/lab, Tablo vs Sling/AirTV. So far Tablo wins for me by slamdunk but the formal ISO Spousal Approval Process seems to favor Sling+AirTV GUI integration. Spousal ISO testing will not start until after much more “lab” testing is complete. Antenna is destined for the attic where it ought to perform even better. Regarding the comments about 480i in SDTV: DTV’s 480i can carry & render either 16:9 or 4:3 image and tuners and devices can render the image however they are programmed/configured. Anamorphic 16:9 is possible too. It is all-too-possible to see situations where the setup and various device settings & limitations result in the user display “forcing” very bizarre/wrong aspect ratios, like a doubly-squished super-thin image rendering that started as 4:3 when originally taped in 1970s. Bizarre aspect ratio renderings can occur with OTA as well as via cable-box-based setups.


I also do not see channel 10.5 show in my found list. I am in 32163 zip code, The Villages.


I have added them. I wonder why TabloTV automatically ignores those 480i channels, even though they show a good signal strength?


SD channels will automatically be deselected if there’s an equivalent HD channel.

If you’re seeing something else, let us know!



Indeed, I am seeing a different outcome. After I do my channel search the only channels that are selected are those that have strong signal and are 720i or higher. None of the 480i are selected. It doesn’t matter if there are no HD equivalent channel and they have a strong signal.


And are you using the browser app versus scanning on Roku or Preview tablo app?


I scanned using the TabloTV app on my iPhone and also scanned later using Chrome on my MacBook. The results were the same.


when i rescan same thing happens, even thou all channels have full signal strength. I think 480i are uhf maybe that is why they are not checked off. So I just check off ones I want and un do the ones i would not want. then save that guide. no big deal…


my 480i have all full strength and they are not selected, meaning strength does not have anything to do with default, my guess.


According to @TabloTV they should be checked as long as there is no HD alternative to the 480i channel. It looks like that is not quite how things are working.


do you get 5 green dots on all the channels


What I have experienced is that the main channel such as 25.1 Is checked but the remaining channels 25.2, 25.3, etc are never checked.



It’s probably taken 3+ years before most of the apps remembered what channels were check boxed in the current settings so that they didn’t have to be rechecked after the rescan. At least some of the apps have a primary channel labeled as “new”. Of course it’s not checked.


Me, I liked it when show it in original format! Most of the time, little is ‘trimmed’ off, but other times it is noticeable. It was made when TVs were square, that’s how they were meant to be watch. Kind of like listening to an old favorite song or a streaming service and noticing… it’s a little different. Why did the re-master it? What was wrong with the way it was burnt into our minds?
…but maybe that’s just me :neutral_face:


Well… the good news is that there are plenty of SD channels that don’t zoom. I was just pointing out what one channel does in particular.


They make this decision for you - automatically add only HD (720,1080) channels and omit SD. This is just default, you can select and deselect at your pleasure.


I thought we were talking about tablo supports statement:

"SD channels will automatically be deselected if there’s an equivalent HD channel.

If you’re seeing something else, let us know!"

And on Roku after a rescan I have 720P primary (non-sub) channels listed as “new” and not selected.