I guess I must sadly say farewell to my Tablo [SOLVED]


Tablo scan doesn’t automatically add non HD channels, their determination of equivalent or counterpart appears to be weighted by channel number. If 11-1 is HD 11-,11-3 (SD) will not be added, by default.


Oh, so it doesn’t matter if the SD channel is a completely different broadcast channel?

While it is not that huge of a deal to manually go through and check them, I almost wish it would work in the opposite mode; let me deselect those I do not want. However, I guess I can see why maybe that would cause its own issues for people.


Yeah I prefer the way it is now, I don’t want any SD content. 480i looks horrible on HDTVs. It’s fine on old 4:3 tube TVs, but I don’t even know if anyone has one of those still.


That has been my experience.

Not all SDTD 480i is necessarily 4:3 from the NTSC days. I get, for example, Weather Nation TV as 480i 16:9, one the the PBS sub-channels is CreateTV at 480i 16:9, and couple others before I get down to MeTV or Gritt (although not all of these are added to my tablo’s list)

So from that perspective, I believe it’s takes away some freedom… even though you can get these channels, don’t bother.


Check ota PROOR to moving


If it’s 16:9 on a 480i channel it must be “letterboxed”, which I am also not a fan of lol


That’s what MeTV does… and I don’t like it at all, as noted in a previous post. I don’t watch those channels often, if much. I don’t believe they are, I looked at Weather Nation, and nothing appears cut-off. I understand you can’t believe everything you find on Wikipedia, when I was finding it’s name, It shows WeatherNationTV

Picture format:

  • 1080i (HDTV)
  • 480i (SDTV; widescreen)

My LG has ratio settings 16:9 and ‘Just Scan’ in which there is a difference. I don’t know why. It’s easiest to tell with the news, at 16:9 edges get cut, Just Scan show just-that-much-more.

Here’s some reference list (sorry it’s Wikipedia again, I tried to dig) it suggest Analog TV Standards had NTSC limited to 4:3 while Digital TV Standards have SDTV 480i the options 4:3 or 16:9 or 3:2
I fear semantics may create some issues as well.

Nevertheless, back on topic - nobody is saying farewell to their tablo :tada:

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Nope, not saying goodbye after all. Thank you to the community, and especially Jim, for the suggestions, and pointer to the local vendor.


@beastman Yeah, I don’t think too many people will let OTA availability play a show stopper to moving to new location.


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Your welcome. Im glad this site was here, and I along with all responses were helpful. enjoy your new home and new found antenna set up. Jim


Glad to hear it. What antenna did you end up putting up? And are the results better or worse where you were previously (in terms of channel reception)?


I had them install the Antennas Direct Max 4. Not sure I can compare beteen now and before. Previously I was able to get by with the Mohu Leaf 50, but I was also maybe 25-30 miles at most from most of the Tampa area stations. Now I am getting what I would consider as close to the same quality, but one must also consider instead of a small internal flat antenna I now have an external sitting on top of a 20-foot pole. :):laughing:




Noticing annoying pixelization “noise” on several channels, especially in the morning and early evening. I am guessing this is attributed to LTE interference, or I at least hope that is the issue. Have a ChannelMaster LTE filter ordered to hopefully resolve the issue.

@jimsoldies do you have any problems like this?


What’s the spread on the towers you’re aiming for? Like… how close together are they. If you could visualize a 40 degree “wedge” from your house to the towers, would they all fit into that wedge shape?

I believe the 4 Max has a 40 to 43 degree beam width. And that varies a bit more with frequency if I remember right.


did he not install a amplifier with the install? call and ask him to send brandon back to check it out. he does that within the first month, at least I was told that. don’t wait to long to report to them as a new install you should be given a service call. again see if brandon is available…JIm


You don’t get the pixelization at your location? Like I said it seems worse in the morning and early evening and that’s why I wonder if maybe it is related to Cell LTE interference.

I will call them back and see what they say.


No, only if there is a strong storm, and only on NBC 2-1 and 2-2 others do not. I do not use 2-3 or 2-4 due to that issue , they are in ocala,opposite direction. 2-1 and 2-2 are the same channels. nbc and me tv