I don't want to be kicked out!

@TabloTV hey guys, it’s a request for a small implementation change to the forum. :slight_smile: Just thought I’d overly dramatize it so it’s gets a bit of traction. :slight_smile:

My beef is with links. Be it to other Tablo sites (blog, user manual) or to external sites. Clicking on the links opens them in the same browser window, which means I lose my position in the Tablo Community forum.

Most communities I follow usually make it so that the URLs open in a new tab/window. I know I have to just remember to right-click on the links and select to open them in another tab/window, but… please, can’t you guys change it? I don’t always want to lose my place in a thread I’m reading just because I clicked on a link.

@Bardel I love ‘feature requests’ that I can actually make happen with zero coding knowledge and zero developers.


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Once you implement this feature how are you expecting it to work on a Windows PC using either chrome or firefox.

Don’t these already allow the user to right click the link and be presented with a list of options: new tab, new window, incognito window - otherwise left click same window.

How does tablo know which of the above options I want. Or is tablo expecting a switch to a new tab when options like open new tab switch immediately equal no, etc,etc.

That’s pretty awesome, Thanks!

In reading up, I guess I might not have been as clear as I should be. I’m now wondering, if this link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4964130/target-blank-vs-target-new will cause me to not lose my place in this thread? And will this link 4G/LTE Interference?

Ah - external links do open a new tab, but internals links still do.

I’ll see what I can do about that… But you can always hit the ‘back’ button! It should take you back to exactly where you were.

Hmm… for me there’s no difference. In other forums, it works as I’m asking for here. So I’m now looking again, carefully, at my Chrome settings since you report a different outcome than mine.

Yes, I can hit “back” - if I remember- or in Chrome I can ask to re-open the last closed tab and then hit back, which is where I commonly end up. :slight_smile:

I’ve adjusted the global setting but there are also personal settings if you click on the ‘B’ in the top right corner of the page…

I’ll just say “I’m a noob!” and hope you forgive me for terminal blindness. :slight_smile: Thanks, that did the trick.

I do just want to say that the forum software here is some of the slickest I’ve ever encountered. Is it developed in-house or is it a package? Thing is that for many packages, the branding is at the bottom of the page, but with modern web design, there is no “bottom” per se.