How to watch a recording from the beginning while recording

Is there a trick to watching a recording from the beginning while it’s still recording? I’ve tried going to my library and accessing the episode from there but it starts it live and I can’t rewind. Also tried starting the episode from the guide and scheduled tab and also starts it from the live spot and can’t rewind. It’s the newest tablo 4th gen.

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Just wondering if you’re trying from a mobile device, as that isn’t possible with the 4th gen Tablo:

Can watch a show while recording from the beginning - #5 by TabloTV?


I believe even if it is in the app, i have roku, and i have firestick, i believe this is not possible. We need to finish the recording first and then watch it from beginning. One work around is to watch it live in the beginning and pause it, while it is recording in the background.

I was originally trying it on my Samsung tablet. I tested it on my Chromecast on my TV instead and that worked!


I do that all the time. Especially when it comes to sports that I missed the beginning and then I fast forward through commercials to catch-up. It works on fireTV that way but doesn’t work on iOS because of the the video format that I learned from @snowcat .