How to Report EPG Errors?

What is the ‘official’ method to report EPG errors for Tablo? Plex has a form that you fill out. I was looking for something similar for Tablo.

The Quest network was recently added to my lineup at 23.4 for zip 50801 but is missing EPG data for Tablo. I was hoping to report this for addition to Tablo. Thanks!

@CWallace Place a ticket with support:

Sweet Thanks!

Also I know @beastman had a thread since (I think) December last year.

I stopped posting about it after I finally got it. Took close to a month, but it is a new network and needs to be added everywhere. or call them. I had best luck calling first thing in the morning at 9:30 eastetn.

Thought I’d followup on this issue. I don’t know when it was added to my EPG but I now have data for Quest TV in my Tablo! Thanks!