How to force 5 ghz network?

I have an asus rt-ac3200 router, which now has a smart connect feature. Basically it allows the device to pick the best band for wireless connection. This has worked pretty well for most devices, however I have noticed that the tablo is connecting on the 2.4 ghz band, and I would like to force it to connect to the 5 ghz band. I would prefer to force it on the tablo device instead of creating several networks on the router.

Is this something that can be done?

you can name each type of wifi channel something different. ex my 5ghz channel is named lawlz5 and the regular channel is named lawlz.

i make everything connect to the ssid for the 5 ghz network.

there should be a setting burried on your router to set it up like that.

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@gapa85 thanks. I had my network setup that way prior to the new router. With the new feature on the router, I am asking if there is a way to force the network on the tablo.

Unfortunately no. No device can do this, iPhone, laptop, etc.

The router is connecting the device to which band it wants.

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I think gapa85 has explained how to do it.

I just took a look at the manual for your router -> E9670_RT-AC3200_Manual.pdf

It is a tri-band router so I suggest you set up your router with 3 different SSIDs with the following configuration:

  1. SSID1 for Wireless N 2.4 GHz band
  2. SSID2 for Wireless N 5 GHz band
  3. SSID3 for Wireless AC 5 GHz band

Your router is a tri-band router which means it has ONE 2.4 GHz radio, and TWO 5 GHz radios, hence the configuration above. The reason for the SSID2 and SSID3 is that Tablo WiFi is Wireless N 5 GHz only, it is not a Wireless AC device. So connect the Tablo to the SSID2 network. And you can connect your AC devices to the SSID3 network.

Make sense?

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I have the same question as the original Sean_Carty post.
If I already have my Tablo connected to “myNET_2.4”, how do I change it to “myNET_5.0” ???

I also have to point out that I don’t really want to do this because things are quite stable now. But for only academic reasons, I want to know how to do it.

Another thing I’ll say is that I originally had my 2.4GHz SSID called “myNET” and my 5.0GHz called the same - “myNET”. This actually worked, but badly. It worked, and many devices worked for a while, but problems would crop up, and I’d have to unplug everything and start over. Once I realized this, and changed to 2 SSID’s, it was amazingly better.

So, once a Tablo is connected to network_X, how do you get it to broadcast itself as “Tablo_xxxx” ???


  1. What router do you have?
  2. To switch WiFi networks, go to on the Chrome browser on any computer, your Tablo will be listed there because it is on the same network as the computer then click on “Edit WiFi” (it is on the same screen with the Connect button), then follow the on-screen instructions (basically the exact same way you set up the Tablo the first time). Tablo Support has already created instructions on how to do this on their website:

@theuser86 : Thanks for your input.

I have : TP-LINK TL-WDR3600

I looked at your link, and thanks again. Now that I’ve seen it, I recognize it.
However, the screens are now different, and I still can’t swap frequencies.

post-However : I have Linux running Chromium, not Chrome. This has worked nicely for everything other aspect of accessing my Tablo.
Anyway, before I further my whining, I want to try it on a Windows machine with the “real” Chrome. My wife’s Windows Laptop died, so I had to giver her mine This is 95% OK with me ( Liking Linux ), but I’ll have to slip her a Mickey to get a little time on my old Laptop.

Open a Support Ticket, Tablo can remote into your Tablo unit and change the WiFi from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz network. But I’d only do it if you’re having problems. While 5 GHz is technically faster it can suffer slower speeds due to long distances or going through multiple walls.

No, No. Like I said initially, it’s working fine - Academic Interest Only :smile:
Thanks again !

It should work though. After you hit Edit WiFi, you have to connect your computer to the new Tablo created WiFi called “Tablo_XXXX”. Basically you disconnecting from your router’s WiFi and connecting to the Tablo’s WiFi (switching wireless networks). Then you go back to the browser to pick the new WiFi network you want the Tablo to connect to.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying doesn’t work on Linux/Chromium. Has anyone confirmed that this still works with recent Tablo updates on Windows/Chrome ? From what I see, this is no longer possible.

Maybe the OP will chime in and let us know if they were successful.

I understood this to be an option but was trying to avoid this. However, after changing the router and disabling the smart band feature, all is working much better.


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Perfect - glad to hear it.

I have a Dual-Band Router, but my Tablo is on the other side of the house. So, I had to connect to the 2.4GHz band because the 5.0GHz band didn’t have the range. I also have an Extender in place, but it is only for the 2.4GHz band. I am contemplating buying a new Extender that is Dual-Band, but the original reason for this post is still valid :

How do I get the Tablo to swap Bands ???

I want to do it on the weekend so I have time to recover in case it doesn’t work as well or at all. If I do have problems, I would want to swap back in a timely manner to the old 2.4GHz band.

Get a powerline adapter and hard wire that baby to your router. More reliable than WiFi.

I had tried that, but the ones I had died ( Actiontec PWR511K01 AV500 ). I took them apart to find bulging caps, but too tight for my skills to fix. My WiFi is actually quite robust. I’m just looking for more speed for when I download shows. Also, I get caught up in the Tim Taylor “More Power !” endless loop…

@kkoceski You can edit the Tablo’s Wi-Fi network using this method: