Horizontal Green line at the top of screen

My 2 tuner Tablo has a green horizontal line that flashes intermittently at the top of the screen every few seconds when watching recordings. Goes across the entire width of the screen and only on recordings, live TV is fine. Tablo is wired to the router and using a 5Ghz wireless network.

What device are you using to view your recordings? Have you tried other devices such as a tablet, phone or computer to view the recordings? If you’ve tried other devices, do they all show the green horizontal line? Have you tried rebooting your Tablo? What type of hard drive are you using?

Any additional information would be helpful to trouble shoot your problem.

The following topic may also explain your problem.

Using a Firetick 4k, also have the line when watching on my PC. Using a 500GB external HD. Have not re-booted per se, but the power went out yesterday and that caused a re-boot. BTW, the line issue has been ongoing for a few weeks.

I need to amend my original post, it DOES do it on live TV also. And I am using the Preview app.

If it is showing up on multiple devices, using multiple playback devices, then it sounds like it is a Tablo unit problem and your best resort would be to contact @TabloSupport either by phone or by submitting a ticket by email, see link below.


Definitely send us a note, we can take a look and see what’s causing the issue.