Flickering line at top of video

Watching some Tablo on the Roku the other night and noticed that some segments of the show had a flickering horizontal line across the top of he frame. This looks a lot like what you’d see on old VHS recordings. The line was not there for some parts of the show, nor on the commercials.

What is that? I’d never seen it with TiVo. Is it something simple like the TiVo doing some amount of overscan and the Roku is not?

I haven’t seen that with the Tablo per se, but I have seen it on my LCD tv before.  I would just go into the TV settings and either adjust your screen up or increase its size slightly.   It’s an overscan issue.

Thanks. My assumption is it is Closed Captioning data or something like that. I’ll see of my display has a screen size option (it is probably, if anything, set to dot-to-dot).

It’s normal.  Yep… there be info in that line up there!  Some TVs have the ability to shield it from showing up… but usually by sacrificing true resolution.

@cedarrapidsboy definitely sounds like a resolution problem. Out of curiosity, what TV are you using?

This was on a 40-inch Westinghouse (720p) LED.

Not necessarily a “resolution” problem, more like a positioning and/or overscan issue.  The line at the top that looks like some type of alien communication stream would be covered on old TVs (hidden overscan area)…  Some people tell me it’s the “VBI” data and that with digital, it’s not even necessary… but still some broadcasters send the timing info out there…

You may be able to adjust your TV to hide the overscan area at the top.