Help -- Tablo Affecting My Happy Wife and Happy Life


hcwSigMon.exe is the Hauppauge signal monitor - here:

The TSReader is a utility for more in-depth analysis of a TV antenna stream.

If you see the SNR fluctuating wildly from time to time, this would indicate a multipath problem


Try the Hauppauge through the network also.

BTW which USB model did you get?


I got the WinTV-dual HD.

Weird behavior… Now that I’ve got the signal monitor going, it’s frozen a couple times, but the signal monitor is steady at 31 +/- 0.3, and no errors recorded so far.



An SNR of 31 is 100% signal strength. No errors means a clean signal. So far it does not look like you have an antenna or coax problem. But some more time monitoring a few other channels.

An SNR of 17 or less would indicate a problem. Or 10 uncorrectable errors per second.

If the SNR fluctuates, say from 30 down to 20 in a few seconds time several consecutive times periodically, that would indicate a multipath problem.


Channel 5 (real 15, ABC) is bouncing slightly more, between 29.5 and 30.5. No errors after 3 minutes.

Channel 8 (real 8, FOX) is supposed to be slightly weaker, but it’s up around SNR 32.


The SNR would have to bounce more than 10 points or so. 29 means 99% signal strength. No errors means an extremely clean signal (no interference thus far). If this trend continues, you’d have to look towards the Tablo and\or network.


So I can walk away and come back to check on the errors? They’ll accumulate? It’s not a real time “rate” that is going to bounce up and down?


It’s an error rate per period of time. Minutes. It won’t accumulate.


My weakest channel, from directly behind my antenna. I don’t care about it. Can having it in the Tablo cause problems?


Can you split the signal - to Hauppauge and Tablo? Then when Rolu freezes, check the Hauppauge for SNR\error rate at that time?


Yes, I had that problem with a channel that would cause the Tablo to freeze or go down. I had to fix that channel’s reception. That’s why I recommended the aluminum shield test. Get rid of all extraneous channels - back and side.

See the high error rate! It will cause a tuner fits!!! Even when another channel is playing. And the Tablo tuner is not particularly good at handling signal exceptions.


Ok, I’ll check each channel to see if any others have errors. Then I’ll take a split to the Tablo, remove any channels with errors from the guide, and then monitor the Tablo and check the Hauppauge if/when I get an error.

Note this is with the roof antenna, not the rabbit ears. Through the Winegard amp. No LTE filter.


Hopefully removing the channel from the Tablo will help. And all non-clean channels.


Split has been made. I had to use the CATV splitter. Signal quality hasn’t changed on the Hauppauge. Just rescanned and Tablo didn’t even find the three bad ones (68.1, 68.2, 68.3). All others were error free, lowest SNR was about 24. Going to update lineup with all the rest, find a good channel to watch, and set the Hauppauge to the same.


All I can do is laugh about this. Within 3 minutes of tuning to ABC on the Roku (720/5), it started buffering. I ran to check the Hauppauge and it was solid. Then went downstairs to tune the Fire Stick to the same channel. Within two minutes, unknown error. Ran back upstairs to the Hauppauge, perfect.

Should I add the LTE filter? Or would that show as errors on the Hauppauge? Stick the other RCA amp directly in front of the Tablo?


Put the old CATV amp in front of the Tablo. Roku still buffering. Pulled WAN cable from router. Roku buffered 2 minutes later.

What is left other than trying a different model router? This router worked for 6 months, the problems started, and I replaced it with the exact same model. Didn’t fix it. Switch from LinkSys to a Netgear with comparable reviews?


First try the Hauppauge across the network using existing router. WinExtend from Hauppauge will allow Hauppauge tuner to be accessed across the network. Your iPad will be able to get a stream from the Hauppauge tuner. See if an error comes up between Hauppauge and iPad (I’ve done this - my iPad to Hauppage tuner on PC). This will test the router.

I’m partial to Netgear (have used it all my life). Others at this forum would recommend several others which work flawlessly (especially through wifi) with Tablo. Is there perhaps a firmware update available for Linksys? If it is a router problem, get some recommendations from this forum’s members - there’s been a lot of discussion about routers + Tablo the past several years.

SNR of 24 is 80% - so your channels span from 80 to 100%. Excellent reception!


So good reception, same issues on both Fire TV and Roku, and same issues on 2 different Tablo units, only thing left is the router. But very odd if it worked fine for months then all of sudden stopped working fine.


It looks like this is a paid add-on? Or am I overlooking something?