Help -- Tablo Affecting My Happy Wife and Happy Life


But he tried a new Tablo - a loaner from Nuvyyo.


Oh I haven’t been following every post, sorry. So new Tablo with same old power supply? Or new Tablo and new PS?


New everything. I sent back the old everything.

I’ll save the arts and crafts for tomorrow. The last thing I’ll try tonight (at least until my wife gets home from work in a couple hours) is to disconnect the Internet to see if removing that stimulation will allow the Tablo to work better.

I’m kind of glad the Roku doesn’t seem to be the answer. I really don’t like the volume control on this remote. I do recall Support asking me if I had a Roku to test, because they would be able to give me a debug version of the software that would tell them more (hopefully). That can’t be done with the Amazon devices, I guess.


If the Roku isn’t the answer, I’d try next shielding the rabbit ears antenna from getting signals from both directions. The way to do it is get some cardboard and tape kitchen aluminum foil to it. Surround the antenna in all directions except the one you’d be getting one set of channels from. This way we can see if conflicting signals and interference from other directions is affecting the signal. Concentrate on just one direction and set of signals.

I’d even put aluminum foil under the antenna as a floor. Shield it as much as possible from stray signals.


You’re a better man than me, at this point I’d hulk smash the Tablo.


R U doing your adamn impression?


I would, but the wife already called dibs on going Office Space printer on it.


You don’t suspect your wife of sabotage so that you would return to cable?


No, she was happy with the Tablo when it was working well. And she would have no clue how to sabotage anything.


Try the test I mentioned above - free. Shield the antenna. I had to do that myself on one of my antennas. The shield is still standing around that antenna.


I’ll have to work on the rabbit ears tomorrow.


My amp is at my antenna. If I unplug the power inserter, my signal goes to hell. If I want to test anything without the preamp, I have to take it out of the picture entirely. Bypass it.


For what it’s worth, I installed the winegard 30 minutes ago, finished scanning and updating the guide 20 minutes ago, and it’s been perfect. I even bumped the quality up to 720/5.


Did you take the splitter out too?


Splitter is not in the picture because I currently have the antenna connected to a different cable running to a spare bedroom upstairs. This was done a couple days ago to test things by bypassing all the cable the antenna guy installed. Presumably this is also a shorter run, but I can’t say for sure. This is the original house cable I have it tied into.


It was roughly 9:15 p.m. last night when I got the new Winegard amp installed and started using the Roku with it. After a few minutes of no problems, I increased the quality from 480/2mpbs to 720/5mbps. I was awake until at least 11:45 p.m. and didn’t observe a single glitch (disclaimer: I abandoned my post for 10 minutes for a quick shower). This is with the Tablo hardwired to the router, but the Roku is connecting via WiFi. My wife reported that when she came to bed at 4:30 a.m. (after crashing on the couch to Netflix), the bedroom/Roku TV was apparently asleep. “Blackish”, but not off. I’m guessing there’s a good chance it had thrown an error, that eventually caused the TV to go to sleep, but I’m not sure.

I’ll have to resume monitoring tonight.


This sounds like a military operation: monitoring the fort around the clock. Put a surveillance camera on the TV and record it…

Too bad we don’t have monitoring and debugging tools available on the PC for interaction with a Tablo. Open up a browser window connected to the Tablo to monitor incoming and outgoing messages\streams. And receive alerts on error conditions.

Would also be nice to IFTTT the Tablo…


I actually have that ability. If I don’t observe any problems by bedtime, I’ll put a camera on it to catch anything that might happen. The Hauppauge tuner arrives today, so I’ll probably not be able to resist playing with that part of the night. Does its software allow you to see all channel stats simultaneously? And perhaps log/write the data to a text file? Or does it simply show you real time data for the channel you’re tuning to?


Shows real time data for the channel currently tuned.

TSReader is free software that allows one to inspect the stream from the tuner:

Now here’s something you can try with the Hauppauge tuner. It can act in server mode and stream to a web browser on another PC. This way you can also check out the network with that tuner looking for that hiccup. And also install it with Plex to test things that way.


Am I supposed to be able to view the signal quality with the WinTV software too, or only with TSReader? I just got it running and it’s been streaming NBC fine for 10 minutes. This, after I tried with the Roku for 10 minutes (2 different channels) and got 4 black-screen buffering sessions.