Help -- Tablo Affecting My Happy Wife and Happy Life


That’s a good idea. I should get several channels with something cheap in the window, so it would be quite telling if the Tablo works well with it, and just as telling if errors continue.


Make sure it isn’t an amplified rabbit ear antenna. The amplifiers on these inexpensive antennas are terrible. Get an unamplified one.


Looks like they carry one model in store and it’s not amplified. I’ll pick one up on the way home tomorrow.


Which tuner are you using? The PCIE card or one of the USB sticks? Do they all provide the same meters? I’m tempted to order one of the USB sticks (not sure my motherboard even has PCIE) simply so I can use my laptop to check signals at various connections along the cable run. Then if I end up going the Plex route, I’d feel less bad about exchanging it for the card after either building or buying a new system.

I also just remembered that I still have one of those really good Zenith converter boxes that I recall provides much better signal meters than the Tablo, though without any error statistics.


I am using the PCIE card. However I do remember @andygresbach at this forum using a Hauppauge USB for the NVidia Tablo engine. And I think he was able to run the Hauppauge signal meter program when attaching the USB to his PC.

BTW Plex supports the Hauppauge USB tuner for TV.


I know, but I would want the 4-tuner card.


I’ve now got a set of $9 rabbit ears that will get put to the test momentarily, and the USB tuner will arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, the first thing I did tonight was realize there was no reason to connect the Tablo to the router over WiFi when I could run Ethernet across the hall. So now the antenna is connected to the house cable going to a spare bedroom (presumably shorter path than what antenna guy installed to office). Tablo is connected by Ethernet to router across hall. Fire Stick is connected by Ethernet running down hall from master bedroom to router in office. Live TV quality at SD 480 2 mbps. In 5 minutes I’ve got 2 unknown errors on my second strongest station.

Going to go hook up the rabbit ears directly to the Tablo and do a scan.


How did you hard wire your Fire TV Stick? Do you have a USB to Ethernet dongle?

Anyways, if you’re getting errors with the Tablo hard wired and Fire TV Stick hard wired on a strong signal channel, it’s likely not related to the OTA signal. As I suggested earlier maybe try a Roku?


Yes, one of the many things I’ve purchased to test with during this process.

So the $9 rabbit ears connected to the Tablo in the bedroom with the Cleveland-facing window is getting 36 UHF channels with 5 green dots. The local FOX (VHF) is one dot. Starting to stream NBC now, starting at SD.

EDIT: That lasted 2 minutes before the unknown error popped up :rofl:


At least the rabbit ear antenna shows how strong your signals really are. For VHF you’d have to extend the rabbit ears further out.


It looks like I can get a Roku at Best Buy. I need to spread my purchases around. I’ll get one tomorrow.


Is such test equipment tax deductible?


Yep, that was a worthwhile test.

I’ve gotten 4 errors in 10 minutes with this setup. Not sure why this is the worst yet.


Don’t remind me about taxes… haven’t touched those yet. A lot of the stuff will go back to the store.


Since the rabbit ear antenna increased this error, this may be a clue. I’d definitely try the Roku because I have four of them and they are flawless. But if that doesn’t work, I suspect something is affecting the antennas. The Hauppauge will show errors at the antenna in spite of the signal. If the signal meter software doesn’t come with the product, it can be downloaded from the Hauppauge site.

Have you noticed whether this unknown error pops up on just SD, or both SD and HD?


It’s equal opportunity.


The Roku will be an interesting test. It could be that this error pops up because of the exchange between the streaming device and the Tablo. Something in the message exchange\protocol between the streaming device and the Tablo that is misunderstood. With the router thrown in between.

Here’s another consideration: does the rabbit ear antenna get channels from both locations? If we could shield off one of the locations using kitchen aluminum foil and allow just one location through to the Tablo.

Also you can try moving the CM LTE filter right next to the Tablo since in-house LTE signals from personal cellphones can also disrupt TV communication. I have two LTE filters - one at the antenna and one right before my Tablo.

If the Roku test fails, then another test would be to get the ferrite beads to protect the wiring.

I also have an FM filter on my coax because I have a very strong radio station near my house. FM signals can be disruptive.


I discovered Walmart carries Roku, which is much closer than Best Buy, so I just picked up the last Ultra they had and am setting it up now.


20 minutes into watching NBC and the screen has gone black with the spinning circle three times, for about 10 seconds each time, and it’s been glitchy when it’s recovered. This is at the lowest quality, with the RCA amp installed, no LTE filter, Roku connected by WiFi (not sure if 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band). Tablo still hardwired to router.

I take that back. Amp not currently engaged. And hasn’t been all night apparently. Going to install the Winegard now, since it arrived today.


So if you’ve tried 2 different devices (Fire TV and Roku), and 2 different antennas which show 5 dots, it’s either the Tablo is defective or it’s your router.

I know, grasping at straws now, but some individuals have had issues related to the power supply on the Tablo failing. If you search the forums, a new $10 power supply ordered directly from Tablo fixed their problem. Yes their units would still boot up, but guess due to fluctuations they had issues.