Help for the communityinterface

Can’t seem to find the user guide aka Help, aka FAQ, aka how to do stuff guide for using the community interface. Specifically, I wanted to figure out how to post a single reply with quotes from 3 different users?

Links appreciated. :slight_smile:

While there is just one post in this thead, what I did is hit Reply then select a word (think of it as selection of a any post), a popup saying “Quote” will appear, click on it and I repeated that 3 times (think of it as selections from 3 different posts).

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Highlight the text you want to quote, hit the quote button, that starts a message at the bottom of the screen…then highlight the next thing you want to quote and hit the button…it’ll add the quote to the existing post, repeat as many times as you want.

Yeah… more posts…

Ahhhh… gracias…

De nada

There is an entire topic dedicated to this… well it was but we strayed:

Interactive new user tutorial - Posts about nothing slight_smile now with polls

@discobot start new user

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Discobot welcomes everyone to Tablo Community User’s Forums -

If you click on the “B” in the upper right then the :email: it should be in your messages. He tries to help, but you need to take the time

@discobot roll 5d6


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Right, I’ve been here >2 years now I think, I was active once, so most old(er) messages are buried in archaeological material.